Establishing a company in USA with the opening of a real American bank account and more

Find and confirm the name of the company

Issuance of an American company incorporation certificate

An American address for receiving and transferring correspondence

Extract a federal tax number for the company EIN

Opening an American bank account with a debit card

Obtaining an American MasterCard

The ability to protect your brands and sites

Exempt from income and sales taxes

Free consultations before and after incorporation

Ensure the success of incorporation or refund

Receive your company in just 14 days

passport id

How to open a company in America? Required information and posts

Simply a copy of your passport, the first two pages, and the national identity or residence card if you reside outside your country, The required information is: Full name and current address (illustrated with an electricity bill, Water, phone, or bank statement) and the type and name of the company to be established in addition to the same information for other partners, if any.

The company registration is terminated within two working days, and then the EIN is completed within one business day only after the company is established and the bank account is submitted on the same day that the EIN is received. Then the bank communicates with you on the e-mail to complete the procedures of the bank account within a period not exceeding 7 days, and therefore the total period is 12-14 days to end all procedures and receive your company with the tax number and bank account

All papers and documents that you will obtain are digital documents that can be authenticated and certified electronically through the state website

Follow the sequence shown in the picture and start clicking on the online application button

from LLC

Advantages of establishing a company in America

Add several commercial activities

The possibility of adding several activities and projects to the same company

Secure crowdfunding

The possibility of securing crowdfunding from financing platforms to your bank account

Achieve rapid growth

The possibility of achieving rapid growth in a flexible environment at low costs

Add the company name in America

Adding your company name alongside American companies

Communicate with confidence with customers

Communicate confidently with any business partner and all your business is legal

Mail messages reach your e-mail

All mail that reaches your US address will be sent to your e-mail

Entrepreneurship starts from establishing a legal entity and an official bank account with flexible options without incurring periodic expenses for emerging projects

If this is what you are looking for to start your project then you are in the right place

Many emerging entrepreneurs neglect the establishment of legal companies and bank accounts, although it is the most important step to protect their ideas and projects, such as owners of remote training platforms, and those who wish to open a bank account to obtain electronic payment gateways for the online store and Amazon FBA sellers, there will be no taxes on their withdrawn money. From Amazon, as well as for website owners who get profits from Google Adsense or AddMob, or marketing with the commission system, or who owns a drop shipping site

Go Start Business helps Arab entrepreneurs establish a business in the United States of America legally free from obstacles and legal complications for some nationalities in Arab countries and provides its services at reasonable prices.

You can start establishing your company online through our platform without the need for paperwork, Where the documents and information required of you will be requested and on the basis of them, work on your file will begin directly.

Company Formation Information

Types of commercial companies in America for non-resident foreigners

Shareholding Corporate:

Joint Stock Company ( C Corporation It is a separate legal entity that can protect owners from incurring personal liability and company debts. As a separate entity, They can buy real estate, enter into contracts, sue, and charge completely separately from their owners. Also:

  • Funds can be raised easily by selling shares
  • Its ownership can be transferred by a transfer of shares
  • They have large tax payments if not high expenses
  • The term of the company is permanent (the business can continue regardless of ownership)
  • Decision-making is complex and must be approved by board members
  • Shareholders own a stake through the company’s shares only
  • Managers appoint employees (the boss, General Secretary, etc).
  • The employees manage the company (day to day operations).
  • In many cases (especially during the initiation phase), You will be the owner of 100% of the shares, Consequently, you elect managers (usually you will elect yourself) and then appoint yourself as an employee (or you will assume the role of all employees: Chief Executive Officer, cashier, Secretary-General).

Negatives: The cost of its creation; Requires the most paper and formwork from an LLC (holding shareholder/board meetings, And keep records and decisions).

A limited liability company:

A limited liability company can be described ( LLC It is a legal entity that provides an easy administrative formula such as Sole Proprietorship / Partnership, With liability protection for partners being a separate legal entity. Its features are:

  • You do not need to specify a share capital
  • Fewer government formalities and procedures
  • The owners of the LLC are called “Members” instead of “Shareholders”
  • It cannot be offered on the stock market, but shares are traded exclusively for members
  • You don’t need board meetings to make decisions
  • The cost of adding and protecting brands is low and the procedures are less complicated

Most of our clients choose the limited liability company for short procedures, capital, ease of management and amendment, as well as simple tax procedures, so entrepreneurs prefer them for their emerging and medium projects as well unless they have a large number of shareholders in excess of 50 shareholders.

mercury bank

How to open an American bank account and get a free ATM card

Opening a bank account in the United States for non-residents may seem difficult and complicated to many! But in fact, it is simpler than you can imagine. The United States provides many facilities for non-residents wishing to open a bank account in an American bank, Whether it is online or in-person, Bureaucratic procedures are generally easy. So I am going to untangle the confusion and mystery on how to open a bank account in the US for non-residents.

Foreigners who do not reside in the United States can open a bank account in America if they have the EIN number of their LLC, If it is not available to you, you can request it by requesting the service of establishing a company in the United States of America at the top of the site.

Clarification! There is no other option for a non-resident to open a bank account in the United States other than the Mercury platform or You must be physically present in the United States to open an account with any other US bank.

Why do I need an American bank account?

One of the main tasks that you must undertake after establishing a company is to obtain a commercial account in a trusted bank or, more clearly, to open a US bank account for commercial purposes. This separates your personal and business banking operations and limits your personal financial responsibility.

Also, opening a US bank account helps your business organize taxes, simplify its accounts, and demonstrate credibility with customers and suppliers. Even if your company is in a tax-exempt state, you need to file the annual financial report with the tax authority of America even if you don’t have to pay it.

Opening a US bank account for non-residents using the address of the registered agent

Before the service of opening a bank account in America online via Mercury was available, it was more difficult and required going in person to the United States, Most banks in the United States did not allow non-residents wishing to open a bank account using the “registered agent’s address”, but Evolve and Trust Bank, and through its electronic branch Mercury, allow you to use the address of your registered agent.

What is the address of a registered agent?

  • The address of a registered office representing the company located in the state in which you establish your limited company.
  • This address can be for a registered physical office or your home address there even if you do not live in it, or the address of one of your close friends or relatives.
  • What matters in the address of the registered agent or the registered office is that he is available to receive any documents from the bank on behalf of the limited liability company.
  • You will need these documents in many cases, including legal disputes, summons, and tax authority notices.
  • Whatch out! A PO Box or Shipping Company address is not an acceptable registered agent address.

Advantages of a bank account in America Mercury:

  • You will not pay a monthly fee or setup fee.
  • There is no transaction fee upon receipt of funds.
  • There are no hidden hidden fees.
  • No minimum balance required to open an account.
  • The ability to send and receive checks.
  • The ability to link it to American electronic payment gateways such as Stripe to receive customer payments electronically.
  • Simplifying your accounting processes allows you to easily automate your company’s bookkeeping process by retrieving all transactions to accounting software systems such as EXRO, QuickBox and Cookin.
  • Opening a bank account for an online store that allows you to receive payments as opening your own commercial bank account that accepts credit card or direct payment card payments from your customers is a necessary requirement and you can do that by using the easily known Stripe portal in case you have an American company and an American bank account and you will be exempt From taxes.
  • Contributes to the growth of your business, With the expansion it becomes more difficult for you to handle every aspect of the business. Having a commercial bank account will allow you to delegate bank-related tasks such as bookkeeping, payroll, and payments to other employees or consultants.

Notice: You cannot deposit cash in a Mercury bank account, either by you or by any person or merchant you do business with, Deposits can only be made through bank transfer.

Fee for sending and receiving money at Mercury Bank

  • Receive local and international funds in any way that is not charged.
  • Sending and receiving money via ACH is free.
  • The fee for sending an international money order is $ 20 only.
  • The fee for sending a local transfer within the United States is only $ 5.

Steps to open a bank account in the United States for non-residents:

  1. Submit the certificate of formation or Article of organization certificate.
  2. After Mercury has approved your LLC, the sealed and certified copy can be sent via the Internet to Evolve and Trust Bank.
  3. Identification of your passport and phone number (a clear scanner copy).
  4. Your Limited Liability Company Address: It could be the company’s official office address or the address of your Registered Agent
  5. Obtaining the EIN, which is the Employer Identification Number, which can be obtained for non-residents of the United States and residents alike, It is used by the IRS.
  6. An SS-4 form stamped by the tax authority and written with the EIN
  7. EIN Access Confirmation Letter (CP 575) sent to the address you put on Form SS-4
  8. Verification letter that you have an EIN (147C) This is also used as evidence that you have obtained an EIN from the IRS.
  9. you may Verification Letter Request (147C) Free of charge from the tax authority.
Important notes to keep in mind:
  • Verify your email address with which you submitted the company incorporation application by entering your email and clicking on the Verification Link
  • Activation of Mercury’s 2FA security option is mandatory.
  • If there is another member or multiple members in the company please add them.
  • Choose the address where you want to receive the bank card, which is the address of the registered agent most of the time, and in turn, he sends it to you to your country.
  • Waiting for a review of your request to open a bank account between one and two weeks, then you will receive a notification of acceptance or rejection via your e-mail.

The most important feature of Mercury is that the bank account is real and not an electronic bank like Payoneer and Paypal

What do we do to establish your bank account

After establishing the company and obtaining the EIN number, we submit a request to open an account in an American bank in the name of your company in the American Mercury Bank based on an agreement with the bank and upon completion of submitting all the required papers and information, The bank corresponds directly with you via e-mail, in order to preserve the confidentiality of its customers’ data. It is not acceptable for any third party to intervene to receive the card and your bank account information.

This process is done by sending a message to your e-mail. There are some inquiries about your business, how to benefit from your bank account, and sources of income, And you must answer them convincingly, So here we have written some important notes that will ensure that your request to open a bank account is accepted.

In the event of rejection, God forbid, we write to the bank to review your request again after modifying the required by the bank and to confirm this account is regular and you will not face any problem even if your balance reaches one billion dollars as long as it is legitimate.

Can I open a stripe electronic payment gateway and link it to a Mercury bank account?

After establishing the bank account, you can open an account on the Stripe electronic payment gateway to link it to your site, and the money paid from your customers will eventually arrive to your US bank account through the Stripe portal installed on your site on a daily basis.

Conditions for opening a bank account at Mercury Bank of America

Not surprisingly, obtaining a US bank account as an international founder is not easy. Even the citizens of the United States face a problem opening a bank account with American banks because of the strict laws and regulations here regarding money laundering and the financing of illegal activities.

  • Make sure all the corners of your documents are clear and uncut.
  • Show your website link if you have one and it has an accurate description of your business and activity
  • Submit links to your social media pages, such as the LinkedIn link
  • Provide any other additional information about your business or yourself it would be nice to add.
  • The passport photo is clear, angled, and not much cropped.
  • The passport photo must have a Png or Jpg extension
  • That your documents are in PDF format and are readable.

To clarify, all that is mentioned above we do on your behalf when we request the establishment of the American company

How do I guarantee acceptance of the request to open a Mercury bank account?

Before responding to the bank’s letter, there are some guidelines and best practices that must be followed in order to ensure that the request to open an account with the bank is accepted after you have obtained your US company and the EIN number.

Be as clear as possible

Banking auditors spend their day reviewing requests and applications that are difficult to understand or review quickly. This often leads to rejection. Be clear and specific about the nature of your business, who you are, and why you want a bank account. Review our eligibility guidelines below before you submit your application so that you will not be rejected by the bank’s automated systems

Bank checks do not want to turn you down or make it more difficult for you to obtain a bank account. But they are responsible for ensuring that the bank does not take additional risks by carefully examining applications before issuing accounts. So help him to get your bank account and be clear and therefore if you have any papers that prove your current activity, such as bills for clients, one of your current bank account statements, or a professional website about the company or project, Submit it with the response to the bank.

Be detailed about the nature of your business

Audit personnel have seen tens of thousands of different companies and understood the details of how the companies operate. Help them, be upfront and clear about how your business works, and don’t mix ideas together.

If you are in the field of e-commerce, So tell us the names of your suppliers. And whether you own your trademark or trademark protection certificate. This information helps compliance officers quickly identify the risks associated with opening an account for your business. If you weren’t clear to them enough, The banks will miscalculate and reject your account.

Present yourself well on the Internet

Bank verification officers conduct investigations about you and also verify your presence online before opening accounts for individuals. So , It is important that your information is easy to find online and they can verify that you are the person they want to work with

Ensure that your company website is clean and well designed. Bad or fraudulent websites are one of the most common rejection reasons we see when reviewing requests. If the banker does not feel comfortable visiting your website, How will the customer feel?

If you do not have an introductory website or ready online store, do not reply to the bank’s letter until you are ready and be professional. The auditing employee notifies the bank that you intend to obtain a bank account for real work and legitimate activity

Eligibility criteria for submitting an application to open a bank account according to the country of residence

Eligibility depends on where you live and not where you are from. Companies that do not meet the country’s eligibility criteria for company owners are not eligible for a bank account. Please review these criteria before submitting your application. We support more than 175 countries. However, We cannot provide bank accounts on behalf of clients who live in the following regions:

  • Belarus – Burundi – Central African Republic – Cuba – Democratic Republic of the Congo – Nicaragua – North Korea – Ukraine – Zimbabwe
  • Iran – Iraq – Lebanon – Libya – Somalia – South Sudan – Sudan – Syria – Yemen
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restricted business activities

List of prohibited commercial activities at the bank

We cannot support the following list of business types to obtain bank accounts.

Investment and credit services

Stockbrokers, Mortgage advisory or debt reduction services, Credit counseling or rescheduling, Investment services, Real estate lending tools

Financial and legal services

Financial institutions, money transfer companies, financial services companies, check cashing, bank transfers and payment orders, Money changers or currency dealers, Bill payment services, Crowdfunding, insurance, Bail bonds, Collection agencies, Law firms collect money for any purpose other than paying fees owed to the company in exchange for services provided by the company

Virtual currency or currency with stored value

Virtual currency that can be liquidated, resold, converted into physical or digital products, or out of the virtual world, for example (Bitcoin), Cryptocurrency mining and mining equipment, Initial currency offerings, Digital wallets and sale of stored value or saved credits accepted and issued by anyone other than the seller

Intellectual property or property rights infringement

Selling, distributing or accessing licensed music, movies, programs or other licensed materials without the permission of the rights holder, Any product or service that directly infringes or facilitates infringement of trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, property rights, or privacy of any third party.

Counterfeit or unauthorized goods

Counterfeit goods, Unauthorized sale or resale without the consent of the “trademark” name, Sale of goods or services that are imported or exported illegally


Sweepstakes auctions Predicting a mathematical win or the odds of winning a financial or material prize, Fictional sports tournaments with cash prizes, Internet games, Sweepstakes contests, Games of chance, including legal or illegal forms of gambling, internet gambling, sweepstakes and contests involving the purchase or prize money, Casino sites, Lottery withdrawals, Charity sweepstakes with the express purpose of fundraising

Regulated or illegal products or services

Clinics obtaining hemp or weed, bungo and related work, Selling tobacco, e-cigarettes and e-liquid, Online pharmacies only products that require a prescription, including over-the-counter drugs, Peptides and chemicals, Fake references, Age-restricted goods or services, Weapons, ammunition and other explosives, Fireworks and related goods, Toxic, flammable and radioactive substances, Products and services with a disputed legal status on a country by country basis, Goods or services, The sale of which is illegal under the applicable law in the jurisdictions that the nature of your business is targeting or directing to it

Adult content and services

Pornography and other obscene material (including printed material, pictures and other media) that depict nudity or sexually explicit acts, Sites that offer any sex-related services such as prostitution, escort, pay-per-view, and adult live chat features, Items of sexual orientation (such as adult games), Adult video stores and erotic massage parlors, Gay and pervert clubs, Night clubs and strip clubs, Sexually oriented dating services.

Get rich quick programs

Investment opportunities or other services that promise high rewards

Publication of defamation and slander or sites of payment for removal

Platforms that facilitate the publication and removal of content (such as slander and slander), The primary purpose of publishing this content is to cause or raise concerns about reputational damage

Services without added value

Selling or reselling a service without additional interest to the buyer, Resale government offers without permission or value added, Sites that we determine in our sole discretion are unfair, deceptive or harmful to consumers

Pooling of funds

Act in any form of authorized or unauthorized collection of funds owed to third parties, Or arbitration, Or other activities aimed at obscuring the source of funds, Facilitate payment

Drug use equipment

Any equipment designed to make or use drugs, Like bongs, incense burners, and hookahs

High risk business

Bankruptcy attorneys, Fraudulent chain letters, Medical Benefits Packages, Telehealth and medical services, Travel reservation services and clubs, Airlines, Cruises, Circumvention, jamming and waveform interference devices, Prepaid phone cards and phone services, Telemarketing, And to provide large discounts or special incentives to purchase products or services, Communication manipulation equipment, Freight brokers, Extended warranties, Government grants, An embassy, foreign advisor, or other foreign governments, Charities without a proper record, Protect credit cards and identity theft, Using credit to pay for lending services, Any business that we believe poses high financial risk or liability or violates the card network or bank policies Any business or organization that engages in, promotes, promotes or celebrates unlawful violence or bodily harm to persons or property, Or participate in, encourage, promote or celebrate unlawful violence towards any group on the basis of race, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or any other established trait.

Multi-level marketing

Hierarchy diagrams and multi-level marketing

Counterfeit pharmaceuticals

Nutrients, counterfeit pharmaceuticals, and other products that make health claims that have not been approved or verified by the applicable local and / or national health regulatory authority

Social media activities

Sell Twitter followers, Facebook likes, YouTube views, Other forms of social media marketing activity and increased site and app traffic.

Design of legal drug substances with the effect of illegal substances

Selling a legal substance has the same effect as an illegal drug (for example, Salvia, Kartum)

Video games or virtual world credits

Selling coins or game items within the game, Unless the merchant is the primary operator of the virtual world

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