Establish a company in America with a real US bank account and a business address

Search and confirm the name of the company

Issuance of a certificate of incorporation of an American company

US mailing address to receive correspondence

Obtaining a federal number for the company EIN

Opening a US bank account with debit card

The ability to protect your trademarks

Exempt from income and sales taxes

Free consultations before and after incorporation

Guarantee of successful incorporation or refund

Only $379, all inclusive

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Advantages of establishing a company in America

تأسيس شركة في أمريكا مع حساب بنك 379 دولار | جو ستارت بزنس 1

The possibility of adding several activities and projects for the same company

تأسيس شركة في أمريكا مع حساب بنك 379 دولار | جو ستارت بزنس 3

Possibility to secure crowdfunding from financing platforms to your bank account

تأسيس شركة في أمريكا مع حساب بنك 379 دولار | جو ستارت بزنس 5

Rapid growth potential in a flexible environment at low costs

تأسيس شركة في أمريكا مع حساب بنك 379 دولار | جو ستارت بزنس 7

Add your company name to the American companies in BBB

تأسيس شركة في أمريكا مع حساب بنك 379 دولار | جو ستارت بزنس 9

Communicate with confidence with any business partner and all your business is legal

تأسيس شركة في أمريكا مع حساب بنك 379 دولار | جو ستارت بزنس 11

All mail that arrives to your US address is sent to your e-mail

What are the projects that can be run through the American company

Entrepreneurship starts from establishing a legal entity and an official bank account with flexible options without charging periodic expenses for emerging projects. If this is what you are looking for to start your project, you are in the right place. Many startup owners neglect this step, although it is important to protect their ideas and projects, such as:

And there are many other activities, but these were the activities of the largest group of our customers and you canRegister the company in your country also as a branch.

Go Start Business helps Arab entrepreneurs to establish a business in the United States of America legally free of obstacles and legal complications and offers its services at minimum prices that correspond to the accuracy of the work, but the applicant must be not residing in countries that are subject to American economic sanctions.

You can start establishing your company electronically through our platform without the need for paperwork, as the documents and information required of you will be requested within steps in one session and you can start it now. USA company incorporation and bank account.

How do I open a company in America? Terms and requirements

  1. اختيار الولاية لتأسيس الشركة
  2. اختيار اسم متوفر للشركة
  3. تعيين وكيل مسجل*
  4. تعبئة ملف شركة LLC
  5. تجهيز اتفاقية تشغيل LLC.
  6. تقديم طلب رقم ضريبي EIN.
  7. تحديد عنوان امريكي حقيقي (عنوان الوكيل المسجل)
  8. Opening a US bank account باسم الشركة

الوكيل المسجل Registered Agent*

A corporate registered office address located in the state in which you incorporated your limited company. This address can be for a physical registered office, your home address there even if you don't live there, or the address of a close friend or relative. What matters in the address of the registered agent or the registered office is that it be available to receive any documents from the bank or any other body on behalf of Limited Liability Company.

I notice! PO Box or courier address is not an acceptable registered agent address.

Conditions for opening a company in America:

  • Anyone can open a company in America and does not have to be a resident or citizen of America.
  • The company must be in one of the tax-exempt states such as Wyoming and Delaware.
  • The owner of the company or one of the partners must not be residing in a country subject to US sanctions.
  • To hire a registered agent to represent you in front of the US government institutions, which is our office in America.

Documents required to open a company in America:

  • A copy of your passport, the first two pages to be valid
  • National ID or residence card if you reside outside your country
  • The current address is documented with (electricity, water, telephone, or bank statement)
  • Repeat the above for each partner, if there are partners

The cost of establishing a company in America and annual fees

  • The state fee is $60 in Wyoming.
  • The cost of hiring a registered agent is $339 for the first year, including incorporation fees.
  • Annual renewal cost only $259 including state and registered agent fees in Wyoming.
  • After the first year, you will have to pay the chartered accountant's fee to file the annual financial statement with IR It is $350 to $1,000 depending on sales volume and activity in your bank account.
  • If you choose Delaware, the state fee will increase to $300, and the renewal will be increased by the same amount.

Thus, your company's annual legal and financial obligations are: Registered agent fees - state fees - chartered accountant fees

You can submit your company’s papers to the Income Department on your own and dispense with the services of a chartered accountant, but we do not recommend it for beginners in particular, in order to avoid any fine or refusal, and of course the services of a chartered accountant are very convenient as he only asks you to declare the bank account for the past fiscal year and he does all the necessary preparations himself of notebooks, documents and forms.

There are additional paid services as shown in the table below

خدمات إضافية للشركات الأمريكية

The time required to complete all procedures:

  1. The company's registration is completed within one working day
  2. ثم تقديم نموذج SS4 Form لدائرة الإيرادات الداخلية IRS للحصول على رقم EIN
  3. We are waiting for it to be issued by the tax department within 20 days
  4. After receiving the EIN, we submit an application to open a bank account and wait for approval within 10 days

The total period is about 30 working days to finish all the procedures and receive your company with the tax number, address and bank account in succession

All papers and documents that you will get are digital documents that can be matched electronically through the state's website

Of course, you can get the official (Commercial Registry) Certificate of Incorporation from the US Department of State for a fee of $100 for the original paper and $50 for each true copy as shown in the additional services table above. This applies to any document.

The company documents that you will get are: Company Operating Agreement - Company Articles of Association - Share Statement Certificate - SS4 Tax Certificate

تأسيس شركة في أمريكا مع حساب بنك 379 دولار | جو ستارت بزنس 14

Types of companies in America for non-residents

Company registration in America as a joint stock company:

joint stock company (C Corporation) is a separate legal entity that can protect owners from incurring personal liability and company debts in a personal capacity. As a separate entity, it can purchase real estate, enter into contracts, sue and be sued entirely separately from the owners. Moreover:

  • Funds can be easily raised by selling stocks or crowdfunding platforms.
  • Ownership can be transferred by transfer of shares to any buyer.
  • But they do have double tax payments (on profits + shares).
  • The term of the company is permanent (business can continue regardless of ownership).
  • Decision making is rather complicated and must be approved by board members.
  • Shareholders own a stake through the company's shares only.
  • Managers appoint the staff (chairman, secretary general, etc.).
  • The employees run the company (day-to-day operations).
  • In many cases (especially during the start-up phase), you will be the owner of 100% of the shares, so you elect the directors (usually you will elect yourself) and then appoint yourself as an employee (or assume the role of all employees: CEO, Treasurer, General Secretary) . All this must be done with documents.

Negatives: تكلفة تأسيس أعلى؛ تتطلب أعمال ورقية وشكلية أكثر من شركة ذات مسؤولية محدودة (عقد اجتماعات المساهمين / مجلس الإدارة، والحفاظ على المحاضر والقرارات). ويستغرق تأسيسها وقت أطول عادة لمن هم غير مقيمين في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية. ولذلك لا ننصح بها في البدايات، تكون مفيدة عند وصول مشروعك لمرحلة إدخال مساهمين وممولين.

Advantages of a Limited Liability Company (m m):

Can Description of the limited liability companyLLC) على أنها كيان قانوني يقوم بتوفير صيغة إدارية سهلة سواء ملكية فردية أو شراكة، مع حماية المسؤولية للشركاء كونها كيان قانوني منفصل. ويطلق على مالكي الشركة ذات المسؤولية المحدودة “الأعضاء” بدلاً من “المساهمين” ومميزاتها هي:

  • Eliminates legal liability for the company owner or partners
  • You do not need to specify a capital
  • There are no income taxes on the company or non-resident partners in America
  • Fewer formalities and government procedures
  • However, they cannot be offered in the stock markets. Shares are only traded for members and therefore cannot be used for crowdfunding from Fundrising platforms.
  • The possibility of adding new members at any time, provided that their number does not exceed 50 partners.
  • Operating a limited liability company in America is very easy because it does not need meetings of the board of directors to take decisions and it can be managed from outside the United States easily.
  • Trademark Protection Low cost and less complicated procedure.

Most of our clients choose the limited liability company for business E-Commerce, service, advisory and educational for ease of management and modification, as well as simple annual tax file procedures, and therefore it is preferred by entrepreneurs for their start-up and medium projects, as well as import and export companies in America.

In the event that the project develops and you need to include shareholders or you want to obtain individual or group funding. You can establish a joint stock company and transfer your projects and brands to it easily.

تأسيس شركة في أمريكا مع حساب بنك 379 دولار | جو ستارت بزنس 16

Frequently asked questions and answers about setting up a company in America for non-residents

The establishment of the company does not require the travel of the person concerned, our office does all the necessary procedures for the establishment of the company, the bank account, the mobile number, the address and other procedures

Although establishing a company in America makes the tourist work visit visa file stronger, but we cannot guarantee this matter, the decision is up to the embassy employee

But from the experiences of our customers who submitted company papers and a bank account statement with financial movement, they were able to obtain the visa by 90%

The address is intended for correspondence and legal representation before government agencies only and cannot be used for employees

No, the address receives postal letters, account statements, invoices and similar documents that can be sent to your registered email address with us.

In the event that there are no financial obligations with any governmental or banking entity, you can close by leaving the company without renewal for a period of two years and it will be closed automatically without any collateral damage in the future. In the event of obligations, they must be paid until it is closed without any future damage

It is not necessary to have a certified accountant, but of course, a financial declaration must be submitted to the Tax Department for renewal and we provide you with contact information with licensed and approved legal accountants from the state to avoid exposure to fraud or the submission of incomplete papers by unaccredited legal accountants, which may delay the renewal of your annual license to the company or Exposure to late fines. We will remind you 3 months in advance.

If you have invoices, whether they are sale, purchase, or service invoices, you must keep them as digital copies, and there is no need for printed papers, until they are submitted to the Tax Department with the annual return.

You can do this if you are familiar with the application mechanism, fill out the required forms, and have an account book on one of the accounting sites

Note that the average tariff for financial procedures for a financial accountant is $60 per month, and we do not provide this service, but we provide you with the information of the trusted authorities that provide it.

Any activity that may be practiced by this company, except for the activities of cryptocurrency and other activities prohibited by the laws of the United States of America and some activities that require a license such as firearms, chemicals, gambling, pornography and the like.

And you can practice any other activity without the need for any action or informing the state of that

Opening the company in is not related to your nationality, but to your place of residence. Thus, the following countries whose citizens residing in them are prohibited from opening a company:

Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, Sudan, Libya, Lebanon

But if you hold the nationality of one of these countries and reside in another country, and you can prove this with a driver's license or a residence card issued by the country of residence. Then you can establish a company naturally and smoothly

Currently, the Syrian nationality is excluded from this, regardless of the place of residence of the Syrian nationals, the opening of the company is accepted, but the bank does not accept the opening of the account

In Wyoming there are no state or income taxes provided that no American employees or residents of America are registered as employees of the company

In clearer words, as long as you do not have any employee residing in America and your digital products or services are provided to Americans and non-Americans, there are no taxes and you also cannot deduct taxes from your customers, and this is a very good point if your target market is in America

And in the event that there are products that you export to America or purchased inside America from outside the state of Wyoming and you sell them in America, then here they are subject to taxes collected from the end customer and paid to the state and you must keep the invoices

Of course, the bank account that you get is licensed in the United States of America, and you will have online access to your account, and a bank card will be issued to you, and you can add several digital cards that are easy to control and cancel at any time. There are no fees for receiving international or local amounts. As for the domestic sending fee of $ 5 and international $ 20 for any bank account in the world.

There is also 24-hour support through Chat or e-mail

There is no need, because establishing the company and opening a bank account according to the agreement concluded with it does not require the deposit of capital

Yes, most of our customers are sellers Amazon In the Arab countries, what is known as Amazon FBA

One of the most important advantages of selling on Amazon through a tax-exempt American company is that there are no commissions on withdrawals or taxes on amounts withdrawn from Amazon, and the same applies to owners Electronic storesBut you need to get an import number for US customs

Some need a utility bill, whether electricity, water, or phone, as proof of the company's address. We can't provide you with an invoice like that, but you can use your company's bank statement as proof of your business address.

The button to submit the application electronically will direct you to the registered agent’s website, so that the procedures will be carried out through it. Through the communication window on the site, you will be able to inquire about any point that you need to answer.
تأسيس شركة في أمريكا مع حساب بنك 379 دولار | جو ستارت بزنس 18
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