We discovered the Doogee V Max at MWC 2023, a smartphone with a 22,000 mAh battery that boasts a 10-day battery life under normal usage. We briefly got our hands on the device to give you a glimpse of it.

At MWC 2023, various technological devices can be found. Some represent significant technical innovations, while others offer more minor improvements. Among these products, we often come across smartphones with huge batteries.

This year, we were particularly impressed by the Doogee V Max. It features a 22,000 mAh battery, promising “240 hours” of battery life under normal usage, according to the official website. That’s equivalent to 10 full days. In standby mode, the promise goes even further, with 2300 hours of endurance, or just over three months.

A smartphone heavier than a tablet

This smartphone is a brick, with a thickness of 27.3 mm. For comparison, an iPhone 14 Pro Max measures 7.85 mm. The weight is also substantial: 540 grams. A tablet like the Xiaomi Pad 5 weighs less, at 511 grams. We briefly held it in our hands to take a few photos. The handling is not the most pleasant, as it’s the exact opposite of a refined design.

doogee v max mwc 2023 aa 10 Days Battery Life Phone: Doogee V Max

However, that notion doesn’t really matter for the Doogee V Max, as it’s primarily a rugged smartphone designed for professionals working in the field (construction workers, technicians, etc.). The smartphone is IP68 certified for water resistance and IP69K certified for high-pressure resistance and high-pressure rinsing. Finally, the device also bears the MIL-STD-810H certification from the US military, proving it’s a tough cookie.

The week-long battery life boasted by the massive 22,000 mAh battery clearly shows that the manufacturer primarily targets those who are likely to be away from a power source for extended periods. On the downside, it’s not very attractive and doesn’t fit easily in a pants pocket. The Doogee V Max’s specifications are as follows:

  • 6.58-inch IPS display, Full HD+, 120 Hz
  • MediaTek Dimensity 1080
  • 12 GB of RAM
  • 256 GB of storage (expandable up to 2 TB)
  • Android 12
  • Triple camera setup with 108 MP main sensor
  • 32 MP selfie camera
  • Dual SIM
  • USB-C port with protective cover
  • Side-mounted fingerprint reader

Doogee V Max // Source : GoStart.Biz

Doogee V Max // Source : GoStart.Biz

The author of this article recalls MWC 2018, where they encountered the Energizer POWER MAX P16K Pro with a 16,000 mAh battery, which now seems tiny compared to the Doogee V Max. Note that our guide to long-lasting smartphones focuses more on devices aimed at the general public.

Price and Release Date

Doogee representatives at the MWC 2023 booth told us that this smartphone would be available in Europe for between $500 and $600. The official website links to an AliExpress page where it’s listed at $519 at the time of this article’s publication. However, on Amazon, it’s priced at $579.