Commentful is a plugin, for Figma that revolutionizes the way users organize, filter and tag their comments. With this tool you can take your commenting skills to the level by managing your design feedback and tasks within Figma.

How to Install Commentful?

To get started head over to the Figma Community. Search for “Commentful.” Look for it under the “Plugins” tab. Simply click on the “Install” button to have it ready in your Figma file. Once installed you can switch back to your design file.

Setting Up Commentful with Native Figma Comments

Most Figma users are already familiar with the comment feature. What sets Commentful apart is its approach, to organizing comments. Of dealing with a built in comments panel Commentful provides a more structured system.

To activate click anywhere within Figma go to “Plugins ” and choose “Commentful.” During the launch you’ll need to connect it to your Figma file. This involves obtaining a unique API token from your Figma profiles settings and entering it into Commentful.

Furthermore when you share the link, to your Figma file with the plugin it enables synchronization and organization of your comments.

To organize comments effectively Commentful provides a default section called “Backlog” where all existing and new comments are initially placed. This serves as a repository for comments. Users can then create categories to further segregate these comments.

Creating a category is straightforward. On the side of the plugin you can select a status icon choose a color and provide a label. For example you can label a category as “Completed” to house all addressed comments. The convenient filtering feature allows you to view resolved and unresolved comments separately. The beauty of this functionality is that it allows you to directly navigate to comments within Figma using Commentfuls pins.

Comment synchronization occurs every 20 seconds ensuring that any updates on comment statuses are promptly reflected.

In addition, to categorization Commentful offers features to enhance your comment management experience. You have the flexibility to create custom categories like “In Progress”. Adjust their positioning according to your preference. Furthermore labels can be edited for categorization.

One notable feature is the ability to assign custom titles to comments.Of depending on the content of the comment users have the option to assign specific titles to provide clarity. By clicking on these titles users can get a summary of the comments details, such, as its creation date, associated frame and more.

To summarize Commentful presents a solution, for Figma users who want improved organization and management of comments. Its user friendly features allow for a feedback process ensuring efficient design collaboration.