As technology continues to advance, consumers now have access to more affordable smartphones with a wider range of features. However, this can also come with drawbacks. One of the most sought-after features in a mobile phone today, can also be a major battery drain.

Previously, this was not an issue as only a select few high-end, optimized models had this feature. However, now it is common to find this feature in smartphones across various price ranges. As a result, it can quickly drain your battery without you even realizing it.

5G drains battery, even when not in use

5G technology, which allows for faster internet speeds and lower latency, is a highly desirable feature for many smartphone users, particularly gamers, streamers, and those with high internet needs. However, for those who do not require it, the difference between 5G and 4G may be negligible. Additionally, your smartphone may be consuming battery unnecessarily by constantly searching for 5G networks in areas where they are not available.

While having a smartphone with 5G capabilities may seem impressive, it’s important to consider whether it’s truly necessary for your usage. It’s also important to ensure that your data plan is compatible with 5G or that you have unlimited data to avoid overage charges. For those who don’t need it, disabling 5G on your mobile phone can significantly extend battery life as 4G networks are still more than sufficient for most users today.

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Removing 5G for longer battery life

Extending the battery life of your smartphone can be as simple as disabling 5G. This can be done through your mobile’s settings. In the Networks, Connections or WiFi section, look for the Mobile networks option. If you find a Network Mode or similar option, change it to 4G or LTE. The specific steps may vary depending on your phone model, but the process is generally similar.


If you cannot find 5G settings on your phone, it’s likely that your mobile does not have 5G capabilities. For iPhone users, the process is slightly different. Go to Mobile data, then to the Options section, click on Voice and data, and finally select the 4G or LTE option.

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By disabling 5G, your phone will no longer allocate power to searching for 5G networks, and instead will rely on 4G data for internet access as long as coverage is available in your area. If 4G coverage is not available, your phone will use the best available network.