Android users who love trying out new apps from the Google Play Store are in for a treat. We have selected the top eight new apps that have hit the market in recent weeks for you to check out. Whether you are looking for a new VPN, a social media downloader, or even an AI chatbot, there is something here for everyone.

WP Status Saver: Download WhatsApp Media Easily


WP Status Saver is a free app that allows you to download photos, GIFs, and videos from your WhatsApp contacts’ statuses. This app is simple to use, and all you need to do is open WP Status Saver, choose the statuses you want to download, and hit the download button. WP Status Saver is compatible with Android 5.0 and higher and is supported by ads.

Google Play Store | WP Status Saver

Surf VPN: A Fast and Secure VPN

Surf VPN is a free VPN client that lets you browse the internet securely and access multimedia content restricted in your country. This app protects your privacy by routing your internet connection through an encrypted tunnel, which hides your IP address and encrypts all your internet traffic. Surf VPN ensures that your browsing history and downloads are kept private and secure.

Google Play Store | Surf VPN – Secure Surfing

CashWall: Earn Money by Playing Games

CashWall is an app that lets you earn cash and Google Play gift cards by completing tasks and playing games. You can redeem the cash you earn via PayPal, and the money will be credited to your PayPal account within 7 to 14 business days. CashWall is a great app for those looking to earn a little extra cash on the side.

Google Play Store | CashWall : Earn PayPal Cash

InSta Downloader: Download Instagram Content with Ease

InSta Downloader is a free app that allows you to download high-quality videos, photos, and stories from Instagram. To use this app, simply open Instagram on your Android device, copy the link of the content you want to download, and paste it into InSta Downloader. You can then download the content directly to your device.

Google Play Store | InSta Downloader

Chatgg: An Advanced AI Chatbot

Chatgg is an advanced chatbot that uses GPT-3 AI technology to provide instant responses to your questions. With Chatgg, you can search for information on a specific topic or engage in a casual conversation with the chatbot about something that interests you. The app can also generate texts and images based on a set of keywords.

Google Play Store | Chatgg- GPT based AI Chat

Video Maker Photo Toolbox: An All-in-One Video Editor

Video Maker Photo Toolbox is a professional video editor that lets you create clips with your favorite photos and add music, effects, stickers, and text. With this app, you can also record and export HD videos, add effects, stickers, and text to a recorded video, and easily trim any video.

Google Play Store | Video Maker Photo Toolbox

4k Wallpapers: Live HD & Cool

If you’re looking for a new wallpaper for your Android device, 4k Wallpapers is the app for you. This app offers a wide selection of live HD wallpapers that are both cool and eye-catching.

Google Play Store | 4k Wallpapers – Live HD & cool

8Bit Games Music & Soundtracks: Game Music for Everyone

If you’re a fan of video game music, you’ll love 8Bit Games Music & Soundtracks. This app offers a vast collection of music and soundtracks from classic video games that you can listen to anytime, anywhere.

Google Play Store | 8Bit Games Music & Soundtracks

In conclusion, these eight new Android apps offer a wide range of features and functions that are sure to appeal to a variety of users. Whether you’re looking for a new VPN, a social media downloader, or an AI chatbot, these apps are definitely worth checking out.