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The interest of individuals in genetic analysis or DNA analysis has increased recently due to the tremendous scientific development that has occurred in DNA technology, The uses of DNA differ from person to person. Although DNA analysis to find out the origin or diagnose diseases is the most common, yet a new type has recently emerged that aims to determine the features of success and wealth or to recommend specific diets.

In general, a DNA test provides many answers that we previously did not know, such as a recent intelligence analysis. So what is DNA? Where is the DNA found? What is the relationship of DNA technology to determine the degree of our intelligence? Is there a relationship between DNA and determining the characteristics of success and wealth acquisition? Are there scientific studies that prove all of this! And other questions that we will answer.

So, bring your cup of coffee and accompany us on this exciting journey that you will read about here as you have not read about it before in the existing Arabic sources. Before we talk about the relationship of DNA to the characteristics of success, IQ, productivity and other factors related to them, we will briefly introduce the definition of genetic material.

What is DNA DNA ?

Definition of DNA

Also called (the genetic code or genetic material), DNA is short for Deoxyribonucleic Acid. Scientists describe this substance as what shapes our life. And about where the DNA is, technically, DNA is one of the most important molecular biological compounds in our bodies because every cell in our bodies contains it inside its nucleus.

And DNA is what distinguishes us from others because it carries all the information about growth on the genes, That is why we find moral differences between people, some with blond hair, and others with black hair. DNA is also one of the important factors behind some diseases, according to the latest scientific studies. The genetic material also contains the information needed for the process of building proteins important for the vital functions of our bodies.

Definition of genes

The gene is the basic unit of heredity, as its role is the code that gives specific instructions for making protein molecules. And each part of the genetic material encodes a specific gene that is used to make a specific type of protein. We each have about 20 to 30,000 genes. We each have two copies of the genes, one from the father and the other from the mother, roughly equal.

However, our topic is not about the details of the genetic material from a scientific point of view, so a simple definition of DNA is sufficient because the topic is very specialized, but what interests us is the relationship between DNA and the characteristics of success, which we will talk about in the following paragraph.

Now that we know what DNA is, We will look for an answer to another question: Is there a relationship between the make-up of our DNA and the degree of our intelligence? Or determined by factors and conditions of upbringing and upbringing? A question that has baffled scientists over the years.

Is there a relationship between the makeup of our DNA and our level of intelligence, or is it determined by factors and conditions of upbringing and upbringing?

A scientific study discovers 40 genes responsible for intelligence! The study results are published in Nature Genetics: Researchers from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands said that they discovered that there are 40 genes that influence the quality of human intelligence. Based on data from multiple studies conducted in Europe on more than 55,000 adults and 20,000 children, They compiled and analyzed it.

The team of researchers led by researcher Daniela Posthoma said that genetic factors can determine a person’s intelligence by up to 80% at puberty and 45% in young children. It should be noted that there are previous studies on the subject, and they agree widely.

Accordingly, changes in the arrangement of DNA components known as SNP may also be one of the explanations that answer the question, “Why do people differ in the degree of intelligence?”, Although this study did not discover a large part of the function of DNA or hereditary characteristics. However, it provided a significant addition to the topic by extrapolating the differences that previous studies discovered.

Genetics related to education can influence brain development in ways that influence behavior. This leads to differences in achievement in and out of school. Genes are an important factor in determining our behavior and our readiness for success. Only the same study plays an important role in the brain during the formation of neurons. The function of DNA may be crucial in determining behaviors and personality traits such as:

  • Learning success.
  • More likely to quit smoking.
  • Interfering with determining the size of the brain during childhood.
  • The likelihood that we will have certain diseases, such as autism.
  • Distinctive moral characteristics such as body mass, size and length.
  • Other determinants, such as the possible period of our life, i.e. the life span.
  • Have anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia, Excessive movement, Chronic smoking.

Is intelligence enough to achieve success?

actually no, According to Professor Reiman Rainer from the University of Beefeld, Germany, the effect of external factors on intelligence is a decisive factor, as the remarkable effect of genes associated with intelligence can only be achieved by the presence of an environment that stimulates it. Because even a person with a normal IQ may have greater chances of success, perhaps even more than a very intelligent person if he strives and strives.

But if we had two people each doing the same effort and one was genetically smarter than the other, The person with the stronger intelligence genes will surely excel. Consequently, we conclude that the Creator made us choosers and governors together, so he assigned part of the intelligence for us and left us the freedom to strive for the rest.

Parents also have a major role and influence on the formation and development of a child’s intelligence until the age of 15, That is why Riemann advises that education be provided to adults in the form of courses or evening lessons, because most children cannot show all of his mental abilities and great intelligence in his childhood and perhaps even in his youth due to the lack of necessary support at the time.

Is there a specific gene for intelligence?

To this question, Professor Deschant, Director of the Center for Neuroscience and the Brain from the University of Innsbruck, Austria, answers through studies he conducted with researchers from the same university about the identification of a group of genes that regulate mental and cognitive abilities, published on the Austrian website. Vorarlbergberg Nachrichten Thus, yes, there are several genes associated with intelligence, and each gene is responsible for a specific type of intelligence, such as emotional, mathematical, linguistic and creative intelligence, information processing power in memory, and others.

Is the secret to being rich in DNA function?

Some researchers believe that being rich, financially successful, or professionally superior is linked to a large part of our genes, estimated at 40%, considering that the matter is precisely determined in advance, which explains the uniqueness of some and their access to wealth quickly and cunningly! Or they can easily reach large degrees. In a study conducted at the Faculty of Medicine, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, Published in the British Daily Mail, About the interconnections in the genome by adopting the GWAS technique and studying 20,000 people from the United States, New Zealand and Britain, by following them from their childhood to adulthood.

It was found that the difference in genes, particularly specific genes, between these people was the reason that some of them became proficient academics thanks to specific genes for education that helped them advance scientifically. Or wealthy and have a high income regardless of the social class they belong to compared to their family and families.

The study also said that the mother’s genetic results can predict what the educational achievement of her child will be, meaning that the likelihood of the success of the next generation can be thanks to the genes of his mother (check your wives’ genes before marriage :)). It should be noted that what drives the bewilderment is that after all these scientific studies that have proven that the uses of DNA, especially DNA analysis, today have become a reality and help a lot, but on the other hand we find those who still describe all this as a DNA lie! This category of people are the same owners of the flat Earth theory: P

Most important Uses of DNA

  • Help diagnose and treat illnesses.
  • It is used as a test in newborns to identify treatable diseases.
  • Give explanations about severe birth defects.
  • Explanation of the occurrence of some health problems such as recurrent miscarriage.
  • Helping the police to identify the criminals or victims.
  • Helping the civil defense forces during disasters to identify the victims whose features disappeared due to their charring, or their bodies were shattered as a result of the demolition.
  • Recently, the uses of DNA have come to include identifying new goals, because the function of DNA is no longer limited to the uses that we mentioned, but has gone beyond them towards these as well:
    • Determine which type of diet is best for you and which you should follow.
    • DNA analysis to find out distant ancestry and present kin.
    • Determine the characteristics of a person’s success, such as the likelihood of achieving a good educational achievement or great wealth. By knowing its genetic associations with IQ and cognitive skills to uncover hidden talents and develop them through tests such as a test Circle-DNA To help show the full potential and develop many aspects of life.

Circle DNA Success Treats Report

What will you get when you analyze DNA to analyze intelligence and determine success traits?

I will highlight all the reports and results that you will get from conducting DNA analysis in the Premium Circle DNA Lab. The analysis of success traits will not be calculated, Rather, you will know everything about you with 99% accuracy for using the WES technology that we talked about previously:

  • Discover your mental and linguistic abilities, knowledge and creativity skills, and your inclination towards entrepreneurship and the financial or educational and academic fields.
  • Obtaining medical and scientific recommendations based on the results of your analysis to guide you to develop and care for your strengths based on the report on genetic diseases and physical characteristics.
  • Determining the risks of cancer, may God protect us and Iakam, and this gives early warning in the event that there is such a risk, God forbid, so that you can periodically check the part that is expected to appear tumors and thus treat it very early.
  • Identifying all kinds of allergies that you have, such as lactose, gluten, caffeine, and other recommendations, which will make you feel a big difference when you follow them, as happened with me. I discovered that I was coping with discomfort in the digestive system without realizing and that life is better without some nutrients.
  • Your response to some medicinal substances, and this is useful if you are going to an operating room, for example, you can tell the doctor that you have an allergy to morphine, for example, and then he will use another analgesic anesthetic, and the same applies to stomach medicines, anti-inflammatories, doses of anesthesia and others. This explains the varied response to drugs among humans.
  • Determine your ancestors and ancestors from any races and know the percentage of your genes from each race.
  • Determine the characteristics of masculinity, femininity, susceptibility to marital infidelity or multiple relationships: P, and sexual power
  • Sleep problems and periods of activity that are better for productivity and study, Not everyone is the same, Some are nocturnal, while others are morning activities. And if you do activity at times other than your genes, you will suffer and will not produce or excel as it should.
  • The best kinds of sports that suit you and achieve better body safety and performance.
  • Okay, I will not be able to mention all the reports because there are 500 reports that fall under the 20 categories shown in the image.

dna test reports

How is DNA analysis done? What are the The percentage of error in the DNA ?

How to send the DNA sample to the laboratory

  • First: You will not provide any information about your hereditary medical history, Let the DNA analysis tell you
  • Second: Determine the type of sample that will be analyzed and it may be: Mouth saliva, Blood sample, Skin sample. But modern technologies are using a sample of saliva from the inside of the cheek and the bottom of the mouth.
  • Third: The percentage of error in the DNA, although it is approximate, but the margin of error is zero or almost non-existent, depending on the type of tester and the company that provides the DNA analysis service. Therefore, I mentioned the name of Circle DNA because it uses a screening technique. WHOLE EXOME SEQUENCING This negates the possibilities and gives 99% accurate information, unlike many cheap analyzes spread on the Internet. And I personally tried it for me and all my family members, and the results were amazing with its accuracy in all respects and surprises us with hidden information that we did not know about ourselves from a medical point of view, Note the comparison in the image in terms of accuracy between two well-known laboratories.


analyzing DNA From a distance, is it real, and how specific is my genetic fingerprint?

Yeah! Whether you live in the Arab region and are looking for DNA analysis in Saudi Arabia, DNA analysis in Jordan, or you want to deal with international laboratories in Europe, the United States or Hong Kong. Today, you can conduct a DNA analysis remotely without going personally to the laboratory country only by communicating with the laboratory and sending a sample of your saliva to them for analysis after electronic payment and the results of the tests are sent to you in your e-mail with a detailed report.

A mobile application can be downloaded and the sample recorded so that you can easily access your report at any time. Other information may be added based on your genetic fingerprint registered with the laboratory. And all of this information is confidential that no one can access it, and you can not record your real name either. This matter does not matter to them, especially if you are one of the people who are very concerned about their privacy.

dna test privacy and accuracy

Best nucleic acid lab

The best laboratory ever is a laboratory Circla DNA From my personal experience and evaluation of research centers for various considerations in terms of comprehensiveness, accuracy, and following the Whole Exome Sequnce technique

Countries available for DNA analysis

Residents of these countries can easily take the analysis and have the sample kit shipped and returned free of charge by FedEx: Saudi Arabia – Kuwait – Qatar – United Arab Emirates – Jordan – Egypt – Morocco – Oman – Turkey – Algeria

How much does DNA analysis?

There are several categories, but I recommend the all-inclusive (Premium) category, which is $ 629. And you can use this coupon 1ANASSHABRA57 To get a discount 30% To become valuable analysis Only $ 440 , beautiful is not it 🙂

How long does a DNA test take?

The period ranges from 4-8 weeks between the time of shipment of the sample and its receipt. The analysis stages will be continued through the mobile application that will be sent to you after requesting the kit for the analysis.

Can DNA analysis be done for children?

I advise you to do it for your children as well as I did, To direct them to the disciplines in which they innovate and serve their community while they are satisfied with themselves and their careers.

special discount for dna test

In conclusion From the above, we understood that the uses of DNA are not only aimed at answering the question: Does DNA analysis prove lineage or origins or diagnose diseases in order to find an appropriate treatment. Rather, it goes beyond identifying traits of success, recommending a specific diet, or understanding how certain factors affect our lifestyle, such as pollution.

In general, the DNA analysis will enable you to have good control over your physical and psychological health to avoid the factors of a specific disease, for example, And in many matters such as developing your capabilities, taking care of them, and developing them for success. We invite you to leave your impressions on the topic, and if you have a personal experience in DNA analysis, we ask that you share it with us so that others can benefit. Do not forget to share this article if you find what is good in it.

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