Computer manufacturer Acer reveals an electric bike with cutting-edge technology, including AI-assisted handling and predictive pedaling optimization.

Acer, a well-known computer hardware manufacturer, has unveiled the Acer ebii, a lightweight electric bike equipped with an array of sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Innovative Features and AI Assistance

Weighing just 16 kilograms, the Acer ebii is a lightweight e-bike packed with advanced technology. Instead of merely recording the bike’s GPS location and distance traveled, it also features anti-collision systems typically seen in well-equipped cars. Acer’s AI helps optimize the rider’s pedaling by learning their pedaling style and adjusting the assistance accordingly. This predictive transmission system aims to improve the overall cycling experience.

The ebii also includes a smartphone app that allows the bike to be unlocked automatically when the user is nearby with their phone in their pocket.

High-End Components

Acer’s e-bike incorporates several high-quality components, such as a belt transmission system instead of a chain, 160mm hydraulic disc brakes, and wide-angle LED lighting. Puncture-proof, airless tires ensure a worry-free ride. The 460Wh battery is equipped with USB-C ports, allowing it to serve as a backup power source for mobile devices and laptops. Acer claims that the 250W motor, located in the rear hub, can provide assistance for up to 110 kilometers.

Speed and Safety Features

In accordance with European regulations, the ebii’s top speed is capped at 25 km/h. It also comes with an integrated GPS for easy location and tracking. To save weight and potentially reduce costs, the bike features a unique single-leg fork design. The long-term performance and durability of this design remain to be seen.

Availability and Pricing

Certain details about the Acer ebii have yet to be revealed, such as whether the bike will have an integrated display or rely on the user’s smartphone as the primary interface. Additionally, information about the release date and pricing has not been disclosed, but given the high level of equipment and innovative features, it is expected to be on the higher end of the market.