We’ve come a long way from basic photo editing software that could only turn photos into pencil sketches or sand-like textures. AI-generated photos are now more impressive, but also come with potential risks. Apps like Lensa allow users to transform personal photos into cartoon images with remarkable accuracy.

Lensa, a 2016 app from Prisma Labs, has recently seen a resurgence in popularity. The app uses new AI techniques to produce high-quality and diverse images. Within the first five days, Lensa achieved nearly 4 million downloads and $8 million in user payments.

While the advancements in AI technology are impressive, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks, especially when it comes to digital privacy before uploading personal photos to apps like Lensa.

Don’t Forget to Read the Privacy Policy

One common mistake that many mobile app users make is not fully reading and understanding the privacy policy before agreeing to it. It is important to be aware of where your data is going and how it will be used, as it can be sensitive information.

The Lensa app is currently undergoing changes to its privacy policy, as stated by one of the app’s founders. The app creates a “model” for each user by recognizing faces in images and converting them into cartoon images within the framework of the app’s imagination. The original photo is later deleted from the app’s servers.

However, it is important to investigate further to ensure the safety and privacy of your personal photos that you upload to the app. Keep in mind that these images are just a small part of the data collection methods used by apps in general.

Be Mindful of App’s File Access Permissions

If you are an Android phone user, you are likely familiar with the window that informs you of an app’s permissions, such as accessing your photo gallery or phone contacts. However, it’s important to note that some apps can also automatically access user files, device data, and even account information without you realizing it.

But don’t worry, Lensa AI provides its users with the option to stop data collection by the app by emailing them at privacy@lensa-ai.com. And for Apple device users, you can disable this feature through your phone’s privacy settings.

Some may brush off these concerns, thinking that their data is not important or that big companies won’t use it for unethical purposes. But even if you trust Lensa, your data may be sold or acquired by other investors with unknown intentions. It’s important to be aware of the app’s data collection practices and to have control over your personal information.

Avoid Uploading Images of Children or Inappropriate Content

The application’s usage policies clearly state that uploading images of children or nude images is prohibited. However, some users have reported encountering inappropriate images even when only uploading normal facial images.

The app has the capability to generate images of a sexual nature, which may be offensive and excessive. This feature is intended to target inappropriate images, but some users have reported that the Lensa app treated their childhood photos as inappropriate and generated pictures based on this assumption.

It’s important to note that the app may treat certain images differently, and the results may be surprising or offensive. Therefore, it’s not recommended to upload images of your children or any children in general. Also avoid uploading any inappropriate selfies, as the AI’s imagination is limitless.

Additionally, users should be prepared to see images that may contain racial imagery. As mentioned, the app transforms your photos into a cartoon character in a specific frame, such as your photo in space, and you may end up with images that depict racist, violent, or sexual situations, which may make some users uncomfortable.

AI-generated Photos Impact on Artists and Painters

There has been much discussion about how AI will replace human jobs. Artificial intelligence applications do not require resources and do not demand salary increases or consider the cost of living. Its impact is felt in various fields, such as the arts, where painters and artists may struggle to maintain a steady income. This is particularly true with the rise of inexpensive AI applications like Lensa.

While some people desire unique, hand-painted images, freehand painters and digital artists can provide that with a level of versatility and quality that AI cannot match. But can Lensa produce unique photos for just a few dollars? The answer is yes.

Regardless of the level of artificial intelligence, artists still possess an artistic touch and imagination that is stronger and more advanced than any number of AI applications. These artists often showcase their work on Instagram, and it is worth supporting them before we lose our human touch in everything.