Although the One UI 4.0 customization layer has not presented hardly any flaws, some users did encounter points that did not end up convincing. But with the arrival of One UI 4.1 all those little problems are solved. An update designed to polish aspects and make Samsung’s own system, one of the most complete and effective that we can find.

This version that was released with the presentation of the Galaxy S22 series, will gradually reach the company’s smartphones, from high-end to more affordable models. But in addition to these corrections, interesting new features are also integrated as, for example, the option to decide how much virtual RAM we want to use or the new smart widgets, without forgetting the improvements in cameras that allow us to use all its lenses in social networks.

Samsung has heard the complaints

Not all cell phone brands take so seriously the opinions of its users and that is why we must praise the quick reaction by the Korean company to improve One UI. We show you all those complaints that at some point appeared in its forum or on social networks, to make them reach Samsung and to be modified in the face of this system update.

Animations when closing applications

One of the annoyances that had been seen the most was the one that happened when closing any of the applications, but especially causes greater confusion in the camera application. A sometimes non-existent animation that made us go from using the app to be on the home screen without an intermediate jump, as if something was missing within the system. Fortunately, this has been retouched and in the new version has stopped happening.

Slow portrait mode

Among the many possibilities that give us the cameras of Samsung cell phones, one of the best is the portrait mode with which to blur the background. However, the processing necessary to achieve it in many smartphones was very slow, causing a wait that came to despair. Although this is necessary, Samsung itself Samsung and One UI 4.1 have managed to improve these times.

Updates from Google Play

Samsung forums came to show a somewhat annoying problem in specific terminals, in which it was impossible to carry out updates from Google Play. This prevented having news in many applications and although Samsung tried to fix it with some other patch, the final solution comes with the new version.

Battery life

Another of the problems suffered by One UI 4 had to do with battery life. Some processes seemed to get stuck in the background and thus drained some of the power. Samsung has done its part to make the new version does not suffer from these problems and thus achieve a layer that consumes the minimum.

Failures in the interface

In addition to everything we have mentioned, some minor problems were revealed in the interface, as in the case of unlocking by slow fingerprint. Actually the sensor recognized the finger fast, but the interface was slow to load the screen to which we moved. They have also worked the strange jumps that occurred between applications and even system settings with which Samsung caused some confusion in all models, since the power was sufficient for that not to happen.