Google is set to adopt another great idea from Samsung’s One UI for Android 14, this time related to volume management. This is not the first time that Google has taken a function previously deployed by its Korean partner.

Samsung has deployed several good ideas over time to improve its One UI software overlay. These ideas are now being adopted by Google, with some of them already being added to the preliminary versions of Android 14. Google has already added the “Screen flash” notifications from One UI to the preliminary versions of Android 14, as well as the automatic confirmation unlock function.

According to Mishaal Rahman, a specialized journalist, Google will also reuse One UI’s volume management system on Android 14. Several users of the Android 14 DP2 (Developer Preview) beta version noticed this after an update, before Google reverted the changes.

Independent Control of Different Volumes

Android 14 will soon allow users to control the volume of the ringtone, calls, notifications, alarms, and media separately but from a single menu, similar to what One UI already offers. While ringtone and notification volumes will be adjustable separately, setting the phone to vibrate will put both in silent mode.

Still in development, this feature will likely be deployed on Pixel smartphones on a more stable version of the Android 14 beta or when the OS is fully finalized.

It is worth noting that this functionality appeared for some users without any interaction on their part, through remote activation by Google, before being removed. This may have been too premature, but it’s likely to return soon.