Android Auto is constantly introducing new features to improve the service and correct errors. The latest addition is a function that you’ll want to try out as soon as possible. If your mobile device has Android Auto, or if you install the service in your vehicle, it’s an excellent way to connect with your favorite services while driving safely.

The recent update includes a new feature that, although not widely talked about yet, could prove to be crucial in the future. One key section that you may not have noticed is that it also expands functionalities related to your home.

IoT Control: Now Available with Android Auto

The new update of Android Auto, released in December, enables users to access Internet of Things (IoT) apps, allowing them to control their home from their car. This update, which can be found in the Play Store, also introduces new criteria for accepting apps that can perform tasks that were previously not possible through Android Auto.

Developers can now launch new types of applications in the Play Store that are accessible through Android Auto, and some already have.

Google has placed several limitations on the control of devices from the car to ensure the safety of both the home and the driver. Therefore, while the capabilities of this feature may expand in the future, currently, users should not expect extensive functions or a highly comprehensive experience.

For example, the apps cannot display configuration or task programming, or create new routines beyond those created from the mobile device. Additionally, specific functions such as changing the color of the light or adjusting the temperature of the thermostat are not available, but the basic functions that are available are not bad.

que necesita coche conectar al movil Android Auto: Control Your Home from the Car

Android Auto: What Can You Control?

It is possible to perform various useful tasks, such as monitoring the status of connected devices. For example, you can check whether your garage door is open or closed from your car’s screen without having to physically check it.

While the control of these devices is currently limited, the fact that it can be done at all is already a significant advancement. Who knows what advancements we can expect in the future. One-touch actions, such as turning on the thermostat or lights, and pre-programmed routines make it even more convenient. The goal is to keep the driver’s focus on the road, not on their device.

Therefore, we hope that manufacturers will develop their applications for Android Auto to allow for even more control of home functions from the car, even if it’s just basic tasks. As it stands, even the current functionality is already quite practical for many people.

For instance, the Home Assistant app allows you to control garage doors, lights, and other functions. What are your thoughts on the idea of controlling various home functions from your vehicle?