Apple has released its new Apple Watch Series 8. It includes a temperature tracking sensor for women’s health, a feature for detecting car accidents and calling emergency services, and more options for tracking sports activities.

ساعات Apple Watch Series 8 الذكية

What are the features of the new Apple Watch Series 8 smart watch?

  • The Apple Watch Series 8 features a new sensor that detects temperature changes and predicts the menstrual cycle
  • Design is similar to the previous generation, with a square shape and rounded edges
  • Automatically detects car accidents and calls emergency services
  • Low Power Mode extends battery life up to 36 hours by limiting features and disabling some sensors
  • Water and dust resistant and can be worn while swimming
  • Includes new watch faces and tracks sleep stages
  • Can perform an ECG or EKG and continuously track heart rate and oxygen levels in the blood
  • Medications app helps the user track and remember to take medications
  • Improved Workout app tracks exercise performance and fitness parameters

Features of tracking menstrual cycle

The Apple Watch Series 8 can track body temperature changes during sleep and help women identify ovulation periods and more accurately predict the menstrual cycle. It can also alert users about irregular menstruation, which may be a symptom of health issues that need medical attention.

The watch can share this information with healthcare providers, and Apple confirms that menstrual cycle data is always encrypted on the device.

Car Accident Detection

Like the iPhone 14, the Apple Watch Series 8 has a feature that automatically detects car accidents and calls emergency services. It uses advanced motion and acceleration sensors and algorithms, as well as sensors in the iPhone like the barometric pressure sensor, GPS, and microphone. If the emergency services do not respond, they will receive the location of the user’s watch.

What is Low Power Mode

The Apple Watch Series 8 has a Low Power Mode that doubles the battery life for up to 36 hours. To do this, it disables some features and sensors like the Always-On feature, automatic exercise detection, and heart health notifications. This can be useful in situations like long trips.

WatchOS 9 Features

The watchOS 9 update brings new features to the Apple Watch Series 8 and other supported versions, such as new watch faces and medication reminders and tracking. It also includes AFib History, which shows an estimate of heart arrhythmia frequency, and improvements to the Workout app.

What models and colors are available in the Apple Watch Series 8?

The Apple Watch Series 8 is available in aluminum or stainless steel frames, in 41 mm and 45 mm sizes, and with a variety of strap options. It comes in silver, gray, red, and gold for the aluminum version, and in silver, graphite, and gold for the stainless steel version.

What is the price of the Apple Watch Series 8?

The Apple Watch Series 8 with an aluminum frame and GPS-only is now available for $399.