Netflix aims to become one of the alternatives to Google Play while using Google’s own platform to coexist. In this way, the app is enhancing its gaming section with increasingly interesting titles. This time we’ll discuss Highwater, a game that has the potential to offer great moments due to its interesting approach. Thus, we delve into a world with a premise similar to The Last of Us, with a significant environmental message and the crucial importance of water.

Highwater: A Netflix Title Full of Surprises

Highwater is a turn-based strategy game with well-implemented sandbox mechanics. We’ll freely control our character, Nikos, in a world fragmented by water, moving around in a small inflatable boat. We’ll wander through this broken world while exploring new locations, fighting unexpected enemies, and discovering valuable allies.

In fact, most of the time, we’ll be absorbed in exploring this complex world that has been developed. While glued to the radio, game characters will share their favorite songs and either sing or play them. This helps us grow fond of them or learn more about their stories, an unexpected quality twist for a mobile game.

Finally, we can’t forget the rather complex combat system. It’s reminiscent of classic Final Fantasy games, specifically Final Fantasy X, with a similar turn-based system where we’ll face the dangers of the environment. It breaks the game’s rhythm and allows us to think twice about how we’ll act against the enemies in front of us. As the game suggests, “man is a wolf to man,” so our main rivals will primarily be other humans.

In other formal aspects, the game is quite intense and will display a stark reality where people fight to the death to survive, with all that implies. However, there will also be moments to demonstrate another kind of humanity where friendship plays a significant role.

The game is available for Android and iPhone, but you must be a Netflix subscriber to play. If not, you’ll need to purchase a subscription. This same subscription will give you access to the entire catalog of series and games offered by the company.

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