AMD sent us a kit with five of their new Ryzen 7000 processors, along with their premium brand of coolers for CPU cooling. Check out more details in this review.

What are coolers used for?

Coolers, or fans in a computer, are responsible for controlling and cooling the temperature of the components in the setup, mainly the temperature of the processor, the computer’s brain.

amd wraith prism premium

Some coolers have air-based cooling systems, functioning as true fans, while others operate with a water system. It is worth noting that a good cooler increases the life expectancy of the CPU.

Types of Coolers

1- Traditional cooler:

This model includes heat sinks, blades, and vapor chambers (heat pipes). The blades expel the hot air above the processor when it heats up. The heat sink is a metal structure that enhances the contact of the cooler with hot air to dissipate it.

2- Liquid cooler:

This model uses water to cool the processor. However, we will not cover this type of cooler in this review.

AMD Coolers

The fans we received from AMD have an air-based system:

  • Two premium AMD Wraith Prism models with LED RGB lights.
  • A smaller AMD Wraith STEALTH model.

AMD Coolers

The AMD Wraith Prism premium models have larger heat sinks and are recommended for advanced-level processors. The three fans are compatible with AM5 socket motherboards, a technology recently launched by AMD that promises to deliver high performance.


The three coolers have plastic bases and blades, while the AMD Wraith STEALTH has only a heat sink and is installed with screws. It is a model easily found in the market and recommended for intermediate CPUs, which is the case for the setup used during the tests. The installation of this fan was a bit complicated due to the available space on the CPU to properly screw the piece, but this is a general problem with coolers in this installation format, especially if you are not very experienced, which was my case.

amd cooler fan

The larger Wraith Prism premium coolers, in addition to the plastic base, have RGB LEDs on the blades and on the top base, giving a more modern and fun look to the machine. There are two layers of heat sink, thus ensuring greater cooling capacity. In addition, the processor contact base is made of copper, a metal that has very high thermal conductivity. To install, they come with two side levers, which makes the user’s life much easier, as it is just a matter of fitting the piece onto the CPU.

cpu ryzen amd cooler

The AMD Wraith Prism premium model can be connected with color configuration apps to customize the RGB, including: ASROCK Polychrome Sync, ASUS Aura Sync, BIOSTAR Vivid LED DJ, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion Ready, MSI Mystic Light Sync, and Razer Chroma. You can find more information on the official AMD page.

Technical Specs

RGB Coolers Specifications – AMD Wraith Prism Premium

ModelAMD Wraith Prism premium (AMD P/N: 000075 REV E)
TypeCPU Fan com Heatsink
MaterialAluminum, plastic, copper
Power Connection4 Pins
Diameter120 mm
Socket CompatibilityAM4, AM5

Standard Cooler Specification – AMD Wraith STEALTH

ModelWraith STEALTH (AMD P/N: 712000071 REV B)
TypeCPU Fan com Heatsink
Materialplastic, aluminum
Power Connection4 Pins
Socket CompatibilityAM4, AM5


As previously discussed, the larger models of AMD Wraith Prism premium coolers come with levers for easy installation, making servicing faster and more convenient. Compared to struggling with screw fitting onto the motherboard, this method is more practical and less exhausting. Nevertheless, the AMD Wraith STEALTH model is also easy to install but not as efficient as its counterpart.

I was pleasantly surprised by the low noise level of the AMD fans, even during high-intensity computer usage. Daily use produced minimal noise, and even during more demanding tasks, any sound produced was insignificant and not bothersome. Needless to say, the Wraith Prism premium model has a visually stunning design, doesn’t it?

I observed minimal heating from the components, and the heat dissipation was excellent, ensuring that the CPU remained stable even after several hours of use for leisure activities like gaming and watching movies.

The AMD coolers are approved and have interesting features for the upcoming AM5 socket format in the market. They are visually appealing and worth considering.

The AMD Wraith Prism premium models are exceptional not only for their sophisticated design with LED lights but also for the additional heat dissipation chambers that significantly differ from the traditional fan included in the kit.

I highly recommend these coolers for those building an intermediate or high-performance machine as they provide superior ergonomics and longer machine lifespan. If that’s not the case, the AMD Wraith STEALTH model is a viable option, designed to withstand highly stressful machine environments, although not as sophisticated.