Car tires are items whose price varies significantly depending on the type (summer, winter, all-season), but also depending on the brand. Indeed, we find three categories of brands in the tire market: premium brands, quality brands, and budget brands.

Premium tires are the most expensive, but also the most high-performing and resilient. Quality range offers the best quality/price ratio, while budget brand tires are the cheapest and less sturdy. Discover in this article which brands offer the best budget tires in 2023.

8- Yokohama

yokohama Best Budget Tires for your Car in 2023: Ranked

Yokohama is a Japanese tire brand established in 1917. Particularly known for manufacturing the very first metal-carcass tire, Yokohama is one of the most well-known tire brands worldwide. Hence, Yokohama designs quality tires suitable for all seasons and driving styles.

As a provider of quality tires, Yokohama doesn’t supply tires of the same quality as those of premium brands like Michelin or Pirelli. However, thanks to experience and innovations, Yokohama offers tires at a very good quality/price ratio.

Our expertise:

  • Summer Yokohama tire: 5/10
  • Winter Yokohama tire: 7/10
  • All-season Yokohama tire: 7/10

7- Kleber

Kleber Best Budget Tires for your Car in 2023: Ranked

Kleber is a French-origin brand established in 1910 as Société Française B.F Goodrich. Initially specialized in manufacturing airplane tires, Kleber started producing car tires after the Second World War. It was in 1945 that Kleber separated from BF Goodrich and became an independent company.

A subsidiary of Michelin since 1981, Kleber manufactures summer, winter, and all-season tires for passenger cars, 4x4s, SUVs, and commercial vehicles. Kleber is characterized by high-performance tires at very affordable prices.

Our expertise:

  • Summer Kleber tire: 5/10
  • Winter Kleber tire: 6/10
  • All-season Kleber tire: 7/10

6- Maxxis

MAXXIS Best Budget Tires for your Car in 2023: Ranked

Maxxis is the main supplier of tires in China. A subsidiary of Cheng Shin Rubber Industry, Maxxis produces tires for all vehicles at a very good quality/price ratio. It’s especially for this reason that Maxxis tires are used as original equipment for large manufacturers like Toyota and Volkswagen.

Our expertise:

  • Summer Maxxis tire: 7/10
  • Winter Maxxis tire: 4/10
  • All-season Maxxis tire: 7/10

5- Uniroyal

Uniroyal Lastik Fiyatları - KolayOto Blog

Uniroyal is a tire brand originating from the Netherlands and has been in the tire market since the 19th century. Having made its mark in the manufacture of bicycle tires, Uniroyal started the production of automobile tires from 1898.

Our expertise:

  • Summer Uniroyal tire: 7/10
  • Winter Uniroyal tire: 7/10


cooper Best Budget Tires for your Car in 2023: Ranked

Cooper is an American brand established in 1913 under the full name of Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. Specialist in tires for sports cars and off-road vehicles, Cooper is one of the leading manufacturers of tires in the United States.

Our expertise:

  • Summer Cooper tire: 7/10
  • Winter Cooper tire: 7/10
  • All-season Cooper tire: 5/10


logo firestone 7VLSEQz Best Budget Tires for your Car in 2023: Ranked

Firestone is a globally renowned American tire brand. Established in 1900, Firestone has been producing tires for automobiles that offer excellent value for money. Since being owned by Bridgestone in 1988, Firestone has leveraged the expertise and innovations of its parent company to manufacture ever more efficient and affordable tires.

Firestone is particularly renowned for its winter tires, which provide comfort and stability on snow-covered or icy roads. Notably, the Firestone Winterhawk 4 has received excellent reviews in specialized automotive publications.

Our Expertise:

  • Summer Tires Firestone: 6/10
  • Winter Tires Firestone: 7/10
  • All-Season Tires Firestone: 7/10


Best Budget Tires for your Car in 2023: Ranked

Nexen is a Korean tire manufacturer that commenced operations in 1942. Known for its ongoing pursuit of technological innovations in tire tread and rubber compound, Nexen manufactures affordable and efficient summer, winter, and all-season tires.

A standout is the Nexen N Fera Sport tire, which is designed to reduce braking distances, minimize aquaplaning risk, and lower fuel consumption due to its low rolling resistance.

Our Expertise:

  • Summer Tires Nexen: 7/10
  • Winter Tires Nexen: 6/10
  • All-Season Tires Nexen: 8/10

1-BF Goodrich

bf goodrich Best Budget Tires for your Car in 2023: Ranked

BF Goodrich, a brand owned by global tire manufacturer Michelin, produces tires for all seasons and all types of vehicles. BF Goodrich tires are durable, efficient, and are marketed at very competitive prices.

BF Goodrich is especially recognized for its summer and all-season tires, offering safety and comfort on both dry and wet roads. Additionally, they feature low rolling resistance, which helps reduce a vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Our Expertise:

  • Summer Tires BF Goodrich: 8/10
  • Winter Tires BF Goodrich: 6/10
  • All-Season Tires BF Goodrich: 8/10

And there you have it, the best affordable tire brands of 2023. All these tires offer the best value for money in the market while being almost as efficient as premium tires. Therefore, don’t hesitate to compare garages to install cheap tires.