In recent years, unique debit cards have emerged within the main cryptocurrency exchange platforms. These cards come with numerous benefits and allow holders to indirectly spend crypto-assets while receiving rewards, often in the form of tokens. This article outlines the main features of 5 of the most popular crypto cards in 2023.

How Does a Crypto Card Work?

The cards offered by exchange platforms allow users to use cryptocurrencies and/or euros (or other fiat currencies) to make payments. They generally function as rechargeable debit cards in fiat or crypto-assets. Most of them use payment networks like Visa or Mastercard, making them usable worldwide. The use is identical to a regular bank card.

The 5 Best Crypto Cards in 2023

carte de paiement VISA Binance

Binance Card

  • Price: €0
  • Cashback: Variable according to BNB held, from 0.1% to 8%
  • Fees: No management fees, no interbank/currency fees
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Principales cartes de paiement crypto proposées par Card

  • Price: €0 except Midnight Blue €4.99
  • Cashback: Variable according to CRO locked
  • Fees: €5 per month if inactive for more than 12 months, €50 account closure fee, 0% interbank/currency fees up to a certain limit, 0.5% beyond
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Principaux avantages pour la carte des détenteurs de BEST selon le niveau VIP

Bitpanda Card

  • Price: €9.99
  • Cashback: 0% to 2% depending on VIP BEST level
  • Fees: No management fees, 0.25% – 2.5% for transactions outside euros depending on VIP level
  • More about Bitpanda Card

Carte de débit crypto proposée par Coinbase

Coinbase Card

  • Price: €0
  • Cashback: 0%
  • Fees: No management fees, 1.5% at ATMs, no fees outside the eurozone
  • More about Coinbase Card

Carte de paiement crypto proposée par Ledger en partenariat avec Baanx.

Ledger Card

  • Price: €0
  • Cashback: 1 or 2% depending on cryptocurrency chosen
  • Fees: No management fees, €0.45 at ATMs, 1.5% outside the eurozone
  • More about Ledger Card

Why pay with a crypto card?

It can be very interesting to be able to spend your cryptocurrencies directly from an exchange platform. Indeed, this simplifies the procedure and allows you to avoid fiat withdrawals to a traditional bank account, not always crypto-friendly moreover. Crypto cards often allow you to benefit from cashback, which can be very advantageous in the long term.


What is a crypto payment card?

A crypto payment card is generally a rechargeable debit card in fiat currency and/or cryptocurrencies, with incentive advantages, allowing you to make payments worldwide.

Are crypto payment cards accepted everywhere?

Most of the cards offered by crypto platforms use the VISA network, and are therefore accepted in the vast majority of countries in the world.

Are there fees for using a crypto payment card?

Crypto debit cards are generally free of any management fees and often provide much better services than traditional banks.

Can I use multiple cryptocurrencies with a single crypto payment card?

It is entirely possible to use different cryptocurrencies with your card, you can usually set the desired assets in the exchange platform’s application.


Crypto payment cards are generally debit cards, sometimes with features allowing you to take out a loan by locking up cryptocurrencies. They are generally easy to use, compatible with the VISA network and therefore usable worldwide. ATM withdrawal fees and currency fees are generally much more advantageous than traditional banks. Also, no one will ask you to justify a payment, whatever the amount, within the limits provided.