Once again, I’m back with a compilation of games and applications for Android and iPhone that you can get for free for a limited time. These are paid apps that you can download without paying anything if you hurry.

If you think you don’t have enough space on your phone, make room or get a microSD card because several of them are likely worth it. If you can’t get them now, you’ll have to pay for them at their original price later. To help you choose better, I’ll show you the free games for Android and iPhone that you’ll want on your smartphone, as well as some interesting apps.

Best Free Games on Android

Save money by downloading these games at zero cost now, and you’ll have them forever on your phone:

Best Free Games on iPhone

With these games, you can also save money, as some originally cost up to around $5, and you’ll have a great time. Want to know what they are and how to get them?

Best Free Apps on Android

You can get these apps for free today, although their usual price for most of them is around $10:

Best Free Apps on iPhone

These apps, whose price can range from around $2 to $4, are now free for you if you have an iPhone or iOS device: