Don’t let anything ruin your mobile phone experience. With these IP68 waterproof cases, you can take your phone anywhere, rain or shine, without worrying about water damage or impact. Enjoy nature photography, chat with friends on the beach, and live life without limitations. Discover the best waterproof cases for some of the top mobile phones on the market.

Best Waterproof Cases for iPhone, Samsung, and Xiaomi

We’ve selected the finest cases to keep your iPhone, Samsung, or Xiaomi mobile protected from water, impact, and anything else that could damage it. Say goodbye to the rice trick and hello to worry-free adventures.

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Keep Your iPhone 14 Well-Protected with the Best IP68 Cases

If you have any of Apple’s new flagship devices, you can now protect them even more:

  • A robust Beesy iPhone 14 case with impact resistance and IP68 water resistance
  • This iPhone 14 Pro case is IP68 submersible, has a built-in screen protector, and is MagSafe compatible
  • Protect your iPhone 14 Pro Max with this water-resistant case and floating lanyard
  • Completely protect your iPhone 13 with these submersible cases

These waterproof cases for iPhone 13 are excellent and will keep your iPhone protected from water under any circumstances:

  • For your iPhone 13, a waterproof shockproof case with military-grade IP68 protection in black
  • If you want to protect your iPhone 13 Pro, this submersible IP68 case with drop, scratch, and 360-degree military-grade protection comes with an integrated screen protector
  • Keep your iPhone 13 Pro Max well-protected with this eye-catching shockproof case featuring a highly impact-resistant, IP68 waterproof screen protector
  • Take photos and do whatever you want with your Samsung Galaxy S22 without fear

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S22 model, you’ll love these cases:

  • This Samsung Galaxy S22 case will completely protect your mobile from water and costs less than $24
  • Get a great case with total water protection and a floating strap for your Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Immerse yourself in a unique experience with these Samsung Galaxy S23 cases

For the new Samsung Galaxy S23 flagship, nothing beats these:

  • With this case, your Galaxy S23 will be fully protected from water
  • Completely protect your Galaxy S23 Ultra with this case resistant to shocks, snow, dust, and with IP68 protection
  • Your Xiaomi mobile protected against shocks and water

You don’t need much to keep your Xiaomi 13 or Redmi Note 11 safe:

  • Keep your Xiaomi 13’s screen safe from water with this adaptable waterproof case
  • Your Redmi Note 11 will be protected against shocks and water with this complete black case, including a screen protector

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Best Waterproof Cases Brands

Not all waterproof cases are created equal, but we’ve handpicked the most interesting and highly rated options that stand out for their complete water protection.


WIFORT cases are known for their quality and waterproof features, among other products in their store.

Shop WIFORT Waterproof Cases


Cozycase specializes in waterproof products designed to protect your iPhone, with a variety of models available.

Discover Cozycase Waterproof Cases for iPhone