Microsoft introduces Bing Image Creator, a new artificial intelligence (AI) image generation tool currently in beta testing. This creative AI aims to enhance the search engine’s capabilities and boost Edge browser’s popularity. But how does it perform in real-world scenarios?

Microsoft’s New AI-Powered Image Generation Tool

Microsoft has been heavily investing in AI technology, and their collaboration with OpenAI has brought ChatGPT, a conversational AI, to the Bing search engine and Edge browser. As a result, Bing and Edge have seen a surge in popularity. Bing Image Creator, powered by Dall-E algorithms, is the latest addition to Microsoft’s AI arsenal.

The tool allows users to input an image description and choose an artistic style. It then generates four creative image proposals based on the input. To access Bing Image Creator, users must sign in to their Microsoft account, use the Edge browser, and join the Bing Preview beta program.

Performance and Limitations

Futura had the opportunity to test Bing Image Creator and observed that the image generation process took longer compared to Dall-E. However, users have ten optimal power requests for generating images.

In terms of image quality, the results are comparable to Dall-E, including similar shortcomings. For example, the AI struggles with rendering hands accurately. Microsoft has also restricted the tool’s capabilities to avoid potential issues, such as preventing the creation of images featuring celebrities in absurd environments.

Currently, Bing Image Creator supports English only, but Microsoft plans to add more languages soon. A watermark is also present on the generated images.

Future Integration and Plans

After the initial testing phase, Microsoft intends to fully integrate Bing Image Creator into the Edge browser by adding an icon in the browser’s sidebar. Furthermore, although Bing Image Creator is currently separate from Bing’s chatbot, Microsoft plans to enable users to launch image generation directly through the search engine’s AI.

As Microsoft continues to refine Bing Image Creator, the question remains: will it revolutionize AI-generated imagery or merely be another tool in the ever-growing list of AI applications?