Smartphones and tablets are becoming more prevalent allowing children to access the internet at an age. However, as parents it’s important to be aware of what your children’re doing when they use their iPhone or the family iPad. One crucial aspect is ensuring that younger users are protected from inappropriate content. This tutorial will guide you on how to block websites on an iPhone or iPad.

Why is it important to protect your children by blocking websites?

The internet is a tool for knowledge and exploration. Nevertheless like any technology there are risks if misused. The online world contains websites that offer content or promote dangerous practices such as extreme diets, cosmetic surgery or gambling.

Contrary to belief children can unintentionally stumble upon these sites without realizing it. Exposure to content can lead to developmental issues for children and teenagers.

Various scientific studies have revealed that children exposed to content or shocking videos may develop behavior sleep disorders and anxiety.

These emotional and psychological challenges not impact their well being. Also affect their academic performance. That’s why it’s crucial for parents to take steps in limiting access, to content and educating users about these potential dangers.

Wondering how to manage website display on an iPhone? Don’t worry you don’t need to be a tech expert, for this! Apple devices like iPhones and iPads have user built in features that make controlling websites visited by children a breeze, for non tech savvy parents.

How to Control Website Display on an iPhone

Do you know nothing about new technology? Do you think blocking websites on a smartphone requires advanced technical skills? You are mistaken. In reality, the web access control tools on an iPhone are straightforward to use.

Both iPhones and iPads have a range of built-in features that allow you to control the websites visited by children. Setting up and configuring these tools poses no particular difficulty, even for parents who are not tech-savvy.

Activate Screen Time on your Apple Phone or Tablet

The default parental control system on the iPhone and iPad offers various options for supervising mobile device usage, even in your absence. This tool allows you to block sites and apps (including Safari) and set a usage duration (time limit).

  1. Open the iPhone or iPad settings by clicking on the gear-shaped icon
  2. Tap on the Screen Time section
  3. Touch the option Activate Screen Time
  4. Choose one of the proposed operations: this is my device or this is my child’s device
  5. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen

When configuring Screen Time on your child’s smartphone, the iPhone’s operating system (iOS) will ask you to create a password. This access code will prevent your child or teenager from modifying the parental control settings.

Prevent Access to Inappropriate Websites

Now that you have activated parental control on your iPhone, let’s look at how to block a website in Safari and other apps with internet access. In this example, we will add a specific URL to the blocklist.

  1. Return to your iOS device settings
  2. Press Screen Time
  3. Touch the Content & Privacy section
  4. Enter the password (access code) created specifically for the Screen Time parental control function
  5. Touch the Content Restrictions section, then Web Content
  6. Press the Add a Website button in the Never Allow section
  7. Enter the URL of the site you do not want your child to access
  8. Validate your choice by pressing the OK button

When your child or another user tries to access one of the blocked websites, the iPhone’s Safari browser will prevent the page from displaying and show a warning message.

You can manually enter as many website addresses as you want. However, this solution requires numerous manipulations, which can be quite tedious.

There are lists of adult websites available online. These lists are generally developed by online security experts and can be used to protect children from inappropriate content.

It is also important to note that Apple’s iOS operating system offers a default feature to limit access to adult websites. To activate it, go to the Web Content section of Screen Time and check the box for Limit Adult Websites.

Restrict Web Browsing to a List of Approved Sites

The default filtering system built into Apple’s mobile devices (iOS) has some limitations. It cannot guarantee 100% safety for your children. Thousands of adult sites appear on the web every day, and some publishers manage to bypass these filtering devices.

Instead of blocking websites, consider creating a list of trusted sites. This way, you can be sure that your children or teenagers browse safe and age-appropriate websites.

  1. Launch the Screen Time service accessible from the iPhone or iPad’s Settings section
  2. Press the Web Content section
  3. Touch the blue Add a Website link in the Always Allow section
  4. Enter the web addresses of the sites you want to add to the trusted list
  5. Repeat the process as many times as necessary
  6. Return to the main Web Content section
  7. Check the box for Allowed Websites Only in the menu at the top of the window

Using the trusted list function reduces the risk of your children encountering inappropriate content. Moreover, this feature significantly simplifies parental control management. Parents no longer have to worry about updating the list of blocked sites.

You can let your children browse the internet using Safari or any other browser without fear of them encountering disturbing, violent, or inappropriate content. Don’t forget to choose a strong password that is difficult for your child to guess.

The password should be different from the one used to unlock the device. Apple’s iOS mobile operating system offers tools to help you choose a strong access code. This way, the restrictions in place cannot be deactivated by your children.

Importantly, Mac computers have similar integrated tools. For those in need of additional restriction options, there is a wide range of third-party applications to enhance internet browsing security on Apple devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any browsers besides Safari that allow website blocking?

Yes the method to block websites described in this tutorial can be applied to Safari as other browsers, on an iOS device. By following the steps you can limit access to websites. Only allow browsing on a list of approved sites.

What options do I have for controls?

In addition to blocking websites Apples Screen Time feature provides parental control options such as setting limits on apps, communication and content restrictions. You can also explore third party applications that offer safety features and enhanced browsing security.

Can I keep track of my child’s internet usage?

Certainly! With the Screen Time feature, on iPhones and iPads you can monitor your child’s internet usage. It gives you an overview of the time spent on apps and websites. This allows you to understand your child’s habits better and make decisions regarding necessary restrictions.