Electric bikes, or e-bikes, have undergone a considerable evolution in recent years, thanks to innovation in technology. A great example of this advancement is the Bosch Smart System, an intelligent system that incorporates practical, secure, and exciting features, enhancing the overall e-bike experience. This article delves into a comprehensive guide about the key features and benefits of this system, its compatibility, and cost implications.

The Bosch Smart System: A Revolutionary Concept

The e-bike industry has seen a surge in manufacturers offering versions featuring the Bosch Smart System. Take Moustache, for example, where their classic e-bike families now stand beside “Smart System” ranges, separated only by a few hundred dollars.

Being a leading supplier in the e-bike industry, Bosch introduced the Smart System, an intelligent variant of its components, complemented by the eBike Flow mobile application. This system not only provides an array of functions and advantages but also a collection of accessories.

Bosch eBike Systems

System Compatibility: Batteries, Motors, and Modules

Bosch’s website differentiates between its second-generation batteries/motors and those equipped with the Smart System. Currently, five batteries are eligible: PowerTube 500, 625, and 750, along with PowerPack 545 and 725.

Five motors are compatible: Cargo Line, Performance Line, Performance Line Speed, Performance Line CX, and Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition. Notably, the Active Line and Active Line Plus motors remain excluded for now.

Certain on-board computers, such as the Bosch Purion and Bosch Nyon, are incompatible with the Smart System. Only the Intuvia and Kiox 300 are currently equipped to utilize it.


The eBike Flow Connect App: An Information Powerhouse

Available on both Android and iOS, the eBike Flow Connect app offers a wealth of information and features for daily use. It presents four main interfaces: Home, Ride, Statistics, and Settings, each delivering unique capabilities.

Through the Home interface, users can quickly check their bike’s status, battery percentage, remaining range, and mileage. The Ride interface provides a real-time overview of your route, trip duration, distance covered, average speed, and pedaling cadence.

The Statistics interface delights data enthusiasts, offering trip statistics including time, distance, average speed, location, and more. Lastly, the Settings interface allows users to manage their profile and connected services, such as Komoot and Strava.

Safety First: Free and Paid Security Features

Bosch Smart System includes several security features under the banner eBike Protect. Among the free features, eBike Lock stands out, transforming your smartphone into a digital key that controls the activation of the electric assistance.

Paid features include the Connect Module, a technology capable of real-time tracking of your e-bike on your smartphone, which is excellent for recovering stolen bikes. It also enables the eBike Alarm function, which alerts users through audible and visual alarms if suspicious activity is detected.

bosch ebike systems ebike abs fr photo de presse 3 Bosch Smart System: The E-Bikes Intelligent System

An Ultra-rich Data Application

Available on Android and iOS, the eBike Flow Connect app is your best friend for daily use if you own an electric bike equipped with Bosch’s Smart System. This app is where a plethora of information and features are available. To use it, you first need to create a Bosch account and pair your bike with your smartphone.

In total, four main interfaces are available: Home, Ride, Statistics, and Settings. On the home screen, you can quickly check the status of your bike (connected, disconnected), the battery percentage, the remaining range based on the mode used (range varies depending on the mode), and your mileage.


The mileage module is interesting because it shows the number of kilometers traveled with each assistance mode. On the Moustache e-mountain bike we used, the mileage is mainly distributed between the Turbo and eMTB modes. Note that depending on your bike model, the number of modes may differ.


Compatible Smartphones

While the eBike Flow app is a significant part of the Smart System, it’s important to note that not all smartphones are compatible with it. The app works with iPhones from iOS 14.0 with Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 and Android phones from Android 7 with Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0.

In conclusion, the Bosch Smart System is an impressive upgrade for the e-bike industry. By combining innovative technology with practical usability, Bosch has taken e-bike experience to a new level. Whether it’s daily commuting or a leisurely ride, Bosch’s Smart System ensures an optimized, safe, and enjoyable ride every time.