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Be a part of the Bratz group! Play as Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, and Sasha and experience a fashion adventure. Explore, make friends, play games, and go on quests while working for a magazine. Set new fashion trends by customizing the Bratz and impressing your social followers. Travel the world and become the best reporter, visiting Stilesville, Barcelona, Seoul, and the Stylin’ Soiree.


  • Brings out nostalgia for original Bratz games
  • Characters are voice acted
  • Travel to new locations with new tasks, clothes, and makeup
  • Fashion store and hair salon available


  • Quests are simple and not challenging
  • Limited number of stores and lack of unique items
  • No open world experience or additional fun tasks
  • Cannot switch between characters or customize posters and accessories
  • Glitch in certain areas and ending feels rushed
  • Desire to replay the game is low


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