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Play with your favorite Bratz character and embark on an adventure around the world to become the best fashion journalist on the planet. Start in your city, Stilesville, and choose a character from the original Bratz Pack: Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, or Sasha. Chase the best fashion stories to reach the top, complete missions to help your new friends, and participate in intense and attitude-filled Bratz mini-games!

Throughout your adventure, you will visit distinguished places such as Barcelona, Seoul, and the fashion event. By getting exclusives for the Bratz magazine, you can use the money you earn to buy the latest outfits, customize your characters, and set new stylish trends. As you impress the public with your passion for fashion, you will see your number of followers grow. Get ready to express yourself and grab attention with the Bratz Pack!

Bratz: Flaunt Your Fashion Features

    Experience the passion for fashion by playing with Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, and Sasha.
    Explore, make friends, play, and complete missions by reporting for the most amazing magazine.
    Customize the Bratz with the latest styles that will impress your followers.
    Your journey to the top of journalism will take you from Stilesville to Barcelona, Seoul, and the fashion event.

Bratz Pros:

  • Brings out nostalgia for original Bratz games
  • Characters are voice acted
  • Travel to new locations with new tasks, clothes, and makeup
  • Fashion store and hair salon available

Bratz Cons:

  • Quests are simple and not challenging
  • Limited number of stores and lack of unique items
  • No open world experience or additional fun tasks
  • Cannot switch between characters or customize posters and accessories
  • Glitch in certain areas and ending feels rushed
  • Desire to replay the game is low