The OpenAI company has announced that it will soon develop a pro version of its ChapGPT chatbot. This new version would be even more efficient, more reliable, but paying. Did you miss this ad? That's because you don't have to be part of the company's Discord, where it announced the potential development of this pro version. If you missed this information, this article explains why OpenAI wants to develop a pro version, details the content of the latter and gives you the answer to the famous question “Will ChatGPT keep a free version? “. News ChatGPT

Why OpenAI wants to develop a paid version of ChatGPT?

Currently, the ChatGPT chatbot as we know it is 100% free, which means that OpenAI, the company that developed it, does not earn any money directly from the use of its tool.

However, ChatGPT was developed thanks to the money of investors, such as, among others, Microsoft, who now wish to observe a profit on their investment. OpenAI therefore needs to find a solution to monetize ChatGPT, its AI solution.

A more professional version of the tool would then be a simple means of generating useful income for the development of future versions of ChatGPT.

Will the free version disappear?

We don't know, since the company itself doesn't really know, because the tool was initially a test tool, a beta version of a product intended for release. What is certain is that OpenAI needs funding, especially for IT costs, one of the most important expense items for the company.

The subject of potential monetization is not new, since last December, to the question of a Twitter user asking if ChatGPT would be free forever, Sam Altman, the creator of OpenAi already mentioned the subject. with this answer:

We'll have to monetize it somehow at some point; IT costs are exorbitant.

Sam Altman, Founder of OpenAI

ChatGPT, soon to be paid?

It is interesting to note, reading the replies added under this tweet, that many users say they are ready to pay for this service:

  • “Please don't advertise! I would pay a subscription”
  • ” I will pay “
  • “I would gladly pay a monthly subscription! »
  • “I would happily pay per chat, the responses are incredibly helpful. I almost freaked out when it was taken out of service for maintenance today!😄”

The + of this pro version

If OpenAI develops a version presented as “pro”, and in addition, it is paid for, it is normal to expect additional features, pluses that justify monetization.

Here are the additional features of the pro version:

  1. No service downtime : the current version of the chatbot is so busy that the service may be unavailable for a while
  2. Even faster responses
  3. An extended usage limit : users of the pro version could use ChatGPT twice as much as users of the free version

This information remains for the moment to be taken with tweezers, because the pro version of ChatGPT has not been officially announced by the company and many gray areas remain to be clarified, in particular the price of the paid version.