Canada, a country with multiple economic and cultural opportunities, attracts many immigrants every year. For those who are French-speaking or bilingual, the event not to be missed is the Destination Canada Mobility Forum . This annual forum serves as a platform for those looking to immigrate to Canada, whether temporarily or permanently.

This annual meeting is of such importance that it takes place not only in one, but in several locations and formats to allow as many people as possible to participate. In 2023, it will take place in Paris on November 18 and 19 , in Rabat from November 22 to 24 , and online on December 4, 5 and 6 . Whether you are in Europe, Africa or elsewhere in the world , the forum offers you the opportunity to engage remotely thanks to its online component.

This article aims to enlighten future candidates and all interested parties on the various aspects of Destination Canada Forum Mobilité. You’ll find out who can attend, how to register, what opportunities are available, and how to maximize your experience at this event.

The Mobility Destination Canada 2023 Forum in brief

Who are the Organizers and Partners of the Forum?

Several institutions are behind this event, namely the Government of Canada and its many local and international partners. Among them, there are representatives of Canadian provinces and territories, organizations dedicated to the development of French-speaking communities, as well as employers looking for talent outside Quebec.

Key Players Present at the Forum

  • Government of Canada
  • Representatives of the Provinces and Territories
  • Francophone Organizations
  • Canadian Employers

The Importance of the Forum for Francophone Communities

An Event Dedicated to Francophones and Bilinguals

The forum stands out for its commitment to French-speaking immigration. This is a rare opportunity for French speakers and bilinguals to discover immigration opportunities specifically designed for them.

A Sustainable Impact on the Development of Canadian Francophone Communities

The presence of organizations dedicated to the development of French-speaking communities means that the forum is not limited to immigration, but also aims to harmoniously integrate newcomers into the Canadian cultural tapestry.

Promoting Linguistic Diversity in Canada

This forum also contributes to enriching the linguistic and cultural fabric of Canada by encouraging French-speaking immigration, a point often neglected in other immigration forums.

The Role of Employers in Supporting Francophone Communities

One of the characteristics of the forum is the presence of employers looking to recruit French-speaking or bilingual talents. In doing so, they play a crucial role in supporting and developing French-speaking communities across Canada.

Target audience Destination Canada Mobility Forum 2023

Before diving into the details of the target audience, it is essential to understand who the expected visitors to the Destination Canada Mobility Forum are. The forum is not simply an information platform; it serves as a bridge between qualified candidates and the multiple immigration and employment opportunities in Canada. In this section, we will examine the linguistic and geographical characteristics of the candidates, as well as the eligibility criteria that must be met to participate in this unmissable event.

Spoken languages

The forum is mainly aimed at people who speak French or are bilingual in French and English. This includes candidates from French-speaking countries or people with a good command of the French language.

Targeted geographic areas

Although the forum will be held in Paris and Rabat, it is also open to an international audience thanks to its online component. Candidates can therefore come from various regions of the world, provided they meet the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria

Express Entry Profile

The forum is open to people who already have an Express Entry profile, the points-based system for managing immigration applications to Canada.

Working holiday permit

Those with a Working Holiday or Young Professionals permit issued through International Experience Canada are also welcome.

Other criteria

Candidates must also meet certain criteria related to eligibility for immigration to Canada, outside Quebec, and have a profile in line with the needs of the Canadian labor market.

How to register and complete your online profile, step by step

Registration for the Destination Canada Mobility Forum begins by completing an online profile. To help you with this process, here is a detailed guide in 12 simple steps:

1. Preparation of the Bilingual CV

Before you start, make sure you have a bilingual CV. You can download a free template to help you. This CV will be necessary for the last step of your registration.

2. Complete the Basic Fields

Go to the form and start filling in the fields like your first name, last name, etc. Questions marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory; the others are optional.

Registration Destination Canada 2023

3. Public Service

When asked about registering with a public service, do not include anything.

4. Choose a Participation Date

You have the freedom to choose an online date that suits you to participate in the forum.

5. Registration for Couples

If you are married or have a spouse, please note that you must register individually. Make sure you choose the same participation date.

6. Language Questions – French

For French language skills, choose “high” for all options.

7. Language Questions – English

For English, adjust according to your level, for example “moderate”.

8. Field of Training and Profession

Then indicate your field of training as well as your profession.

9. National Classification of Occupations (CNP)

You will need to indicate your CNP code. If you are unfamiliar with this code, a link is provided in the article to help you. When you type in your occupation, the system will tell you what your CNP code is.

A dedicated article on how to find your CNP Code to read here: How to find your CNP (National Classification of Professions)

10. You and Canada

For the last question regarding your relationship with Canada, leave this section empty if none of the situations proposed apply to you.

11. Upload CV

Upload the bilingual CV that you prepared in the first step.

A CV in Canadian format is often required as part of the registration process. The CV must be up to date and accurately reflect your professional profile. The site generally offers instructions on how to format the CV according to Canadian standards.

12. Submission of the Form

Registration Destination Canada Forum Mobilite 2023

To finish, check the “I accept” box and click “submit” to finalize your registration.

Eligibility Criteria

At the time of registration, the system checks whether the candidate meets certain eligibility criteria, such as having an Express Entry profile or possessing a Working Holiday Permit. Those who do not meet these criteria may be excluded from the registration process.

Deadline and Confirmation

The deadline for registering is usually clearly indicated on the website. After this deadline, registrations are closed. Once registration is completed and submitted, a confirmation is sent by email. It is advisable to regularly check your inbox and spam folder.

Invitations and Further Access

Invitations to participate in the forum are sent after a certain period of time. Those who are selected then have access to the virtual platform where they can prepare their visit, learn about the exhibitors, and plan their schedule for the big day.

By following these 12 steps, you will have successfully completed your profile for the Destination Canada Mobility Forum .

What is a Canadian CV and what are its characteristics?

A Canadian CV, although it is similar to other types of CV, there are certain specifications that candidates must consider when writing a CV for a job in Canada.

The Canadian CV, also called a “resume” in English-speaking Canada, is the document used by job seekers to apply for job offers in Canada. This CV has some specificities and differs in several points from CVs used in other countries. Here are some of its features:

Skills Focused Content

In Canada, the emphasis is on skills and experience rather than academic qualifications. The CV should highlight your transferable and technical skills.

Simple and Clear Structure

The CV should be structured in a simple and straightforward manner, usually on one or two pages. It is essential to make it easy to read by using bullet points, headings and clearly defined sections.

No Sensitive Personal Data

Unlike some countries where it is customary to include a photo, date of birth or marital status, this information is generally omitted from the Canadian CV to comply with discrimination laws.

Chronological or Functional Format

Canadian CVs can be written in a chronological format, which lists work experience starting with the most recent position, or functional, which highlights skills and achievements without focusing on job chronology.

Importance of Keywords

Many employers use applicant tracking systems that filter resumes based on relevant keywords. Be sure to include keywords related to the job you are applying for.


In Canada, it is common to provide references, but they are usually added on a separate page or provided upon request and not included directly in the CV.


Being a bilingual country, it may be necessary to provide your CV in both English and French, especially if you are applying for positions that require bilingualism.

Career Objective (Optional)

Some choose to include a career objective at the beginning of the resume, although this is not required. If you opt for this section, make sure it is concise and relevant to the position in question.

Certifications and Continuing Education

Canadian employers value continuing education and professional certifications. Be sure to include any training or certification relevant to your field.

Editing and Layout

Spelling, grammar and layout must be impeccable. A simple mistake can cost you a job opportunity.

In short, here are the most important specifications of a Canadian CV:

  1. Format : The format of the Canadian CV must be clear and easy to read. It is recommended to use 1-inch margins and a simple, professional font, such as Arial or Times New Roman. The CV should be one to two pages long.
  2. Personal Information: Applicants must provide their full name, address, telephone number and email address.
  3. Skills Summary : The Canadian CV typically begins with a skills summary or professional profile that highlights the candidate’s key skills.
  4. Education : Applicants must indicate their educational background, including diplomas, certificates and professional training.
  5. Work Experience : Applicants must indicate their work experience, starting with the most recent positions. For each position, they must describe the relevant responsibilities and accomplishments.
  6. Language skills : Language skills are very important, especially in English and French, which are the two official languages of Canada.
  7. References : Applicants may include references, but it is best to provide them upon request rather than including them directly in the resume.

The CV may vary depending on the sector and employer . Therefore, it is recommended to check the specific requirements before writing your CV. By meeting these specifications, candidates can improve their chances of being selected for a job interview and landing a job in Canada.

Dates and Locations Destination Canada Mobility Forum 2023

A. Paris, France

Date and hour:

  • Date: November 18 and 19, 2023
  • Hours: 9 a.m.-6 p.m. CST (UTC +1)

Specific objective of the forum in Paris:

  • Highlight immigration and employment opportunities in Canada especially for French-speaking or bilingual European residents.
  • Facilitate direct interactions between candidates and Canadian employers or provincial representatives.
  • Serve as a platform for workshops and conferences on the specifics of immigration to Canada from Europe.

B. Rabat, Morocco

Date and hour:

  • Date: November 22, 23 and 24, 2023
  • Hours: 9 a.m.-6 p.m. CST (UTC +1)

Importance of location in Rabat for candidates:

  • Offer a unique opportunity for candidates from the Maghreb and West Africa ( Algeria, Tunisia, Senegal, etc. ) who are interested in immigrating to Canada.
  • Highlight the specific needs of candidates from French-speaking African countries.
  • Facilitate immigration procedures for candidates from the region by providing information and direct contacts on site.

C. Online (open or worldwide)

Date and hour:

  • Date: December 4, 5 and 6, 2023
  • Hours: 3 p.m.-8 p.m. CET (UTC +1)

Benefits of online participation:

  1. Global Accessibility : Allows candidates from all over the world to participate without having to travel.
  2. Flexibility : Candidates can log in at times convenient to them during forum hours.
  3. Interactivity : Online platform offering various means of communication, such as live chats, discussion forums and webinars.
  4. Abundant Resources : Access to downloadable documents, videos and presentations during and after the forum.
  5. Savings : No travel or accommodation costs necessary to participate.

Limitations of online participation:

  1. Fewer Personal Interactions : The online format can limit the quality of face-to-face interactions with employers and representatives.
  2. Technological Skill : Requires a good internet connection and some level of proficiency with online tools.
  3. Engagement : The online format can make it more difficult to stay engaged throughout the duration of the forum.
  4. Time Limits : The online forum is available for a shorter period each day compared to the in-person versions.
  5. Atmosphere : Lacks the atmosphere of an in-person event, which might be less motivating or engaging for some.

What you can expect from the Forum

A. Immigration Information

Federal and provincial immigration programs

  • Presentations and Workshops : Representatives from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada as well as representatives from the provinces and territories will provide detailed information on various immigration programs.
  • Individual Consultations : Possibility of individual meetings with experts to discuss your specific case.
  • Eligibility : How to know if you meet the eligibility criteria for different programs.

Language tests and diploma assessments

  • Preparation Workshops : Sessions will be organized to help candidates prepare for the language tests.
  • On-site assessments : Certified organizations will be able to assess your diplomas and language skills.
  • Recognition of Diplomas : Information on the procedure for recognizing foreign diplomas in Canada.

B. Employment Opportunities

Meeting with Canadian employers

  • Job Interviews : Possibility of having interviews on site or via the online platform.
  • Networking : Dedicated space for networking with employers.
  • Career Advice : Career experts will be able to provide personalized advice.

Sectors in high demand

  • Sector Presentations : Conferences on employment sectors that are actively seeking candidates.
  • Market Analysis : Data and statistics on employment opportunities by sector.
  • Employment Trends : Information on growing sectors and in-demand skills.

C. Integration Services

Help for newcomers

  • Resources and Tools : Presentation of the services and resources available to facilitate the integration of newcomers.
  • Practical Workshops : How to open a bank account, find accommodation, etc.
  • Social and Psychological Support : Support services to assist with cultural and emotional adjustment.

Canadian French-speaking communities

  • Presentation of the Communities : Discovery of the different French-speaking communities outside Quebec.
  • Associations and Organizations : Information on organizations that can help with integration into French-speaking communities.
  • Cultural and Social Life : How to engage in the cultural and social life of your new community.

Each of these points offers candidates a complete and detailed view of what they can expect from the Destination Canada Mobility Forum, in order to maximize the benefits of their participation.

Virtual Platform

The virtual platform will be an important part of the forum experience, providing attendees with the opportunity to access a variety of resources during and after the physical events. You will be able to continue to access these resources until March 31, 2024.

Terms of use of the virtual platform

  1. Registration and Login
    • To access the platform, you will need to register using a valid email address.
    • A confirmation link will be sent to your email to validate your account.
    • After validation, you will be able to log in using your credentials.
  2. Navigation
    • The platform is designed to be intuitive, with tabs and menus that guide you through different sections like kiosks, videos and documents.
    • A search function is also available to help you quickly find what you are looking for.
  3. Kiosks
    • Virtual kiosks offer information on employers, immigration programs and other services.
    • You can interact with the kiosks, download documents and make appointments for online consultations.
  4. Videos
    • A series of educational and informative videos will be available.
    • These will cover a range of topics, including testimonials from people who have successfully immigrated to Canada, expert advice, and presentations on different topics.
  5. Documents
    • You will have access to a library of downloadable documents, including brochures, guides and reports.
    • These documents will be available in multiple languages to ensure accessibility.
  6. Interactions and Networking
    • Forums and chat rooms will be available for networking and information exchange.
    • You will also be able to send private messages to exhibitors and other participants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Cost of participation

Is participation in the forum free?

  • Yes, online participation in the forum is generally free. For physical events in Paris and Rabat, there may be registration fees. Please see the website for more details.

Modification of profile and CV

How can I modify my profile or CV on the platform?

  • Once logged into the platform, you will find a “My Profile” section where you can update your personal information, upload a new CV, and make other changes.

Access to job offers

How can I access available job offers?

  • Job offers will be displayed in a dedicated section of the platform. You can filter these offers by sector, location and other criteria to find those that match your profile.

Possibility of participating in several sessions

Is it possible to participate in several forum sessions?

  • Yes, you are free to participate in as many sessions as you wish, whether online or during physical events in Paris and Rabat.

Technical questions

How can I get more information or technical support?

  • Technical support and a more exhaustive FAQ will be available on the platform. You can also contact us directly via online chat or email with any additional questions or concerns.

Will sessions be recorded for later viewing?

  • Yes, most sessions will be recorded and accessible on the platform until March 31, 2024.

Other questions

Can I interact with employers after the forum ends?

    • Yes, employer contact details will be available on the platform, allowing you to continue making contacts even after the forum closes.

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Do I have to be a resident of Canada to participate?

      • No, the forum is open to all candidates interested in immigration or employment in Canada, regardless of their current location.

How to participate ?

If you are convinced of the importance of this forum for your immigration or career project in Canada, don’t wait any longer to register. The registration process is simple and is done online. Follow the link below to secure your place in this event which could well be the springboard to your new life in Canada.

Register here: Destination Canada 2023

Important: Key Dates and Registration Deadline

To maximize your experience at the Destination Canada Mobility Forum , it is important to note important dates related to the event. Here is a summary :

      • Open Registrations : from September 18, 2023
      • Registration Deadline : October 29, 2023
      • Sending of Invitations : from November 8, 2023

Face-to-face and Online Events:

      • Paris
        • Date: November 18 and 19, 2023
        • Hours: 9 a.m.-6 p.m. CST (UTC +1)
      • Rabat
        • Date: November 22, 23 and 24, 2023
        • Hours: 9 a.m.-6 p.m. CST (UTC +1)
      • Online
        • Date: December 4, 5 and 6, 2023
        • Hours: 3 p.m.-8 p.m. CET (UTC +1)

Access to the Virtual Platform:

      • From December 8, 2023 until March 31, 2024

Remember that the deadline to register is October 29, 2023 . After this date, no new registrations will be accepted.

So make sure you respect these deadlines to take full advantage of what the forum has to offer.


The Canadian Immigration and Employment Forum is an unmissable opportunity for anyone considering settling or working in Canada. The forum will be held in Paris, Rabat, and also online, which offers great flexibility for participants from all over the world.

      1. Immigration Information : Get valuable information on federal and provincial immigration programs, language tests and credential assessments.
      2. Job Opportunities : Meet directly with Canadian employers and discover sectors in high demand.
      3. Integration Services : Learn how to better integrate into your new life in Canada, particularly within French-speaking communities.
      4. Virtual Platform : Access all documents, videos, and kiosks until March 31, 2024, offering a sustainable resource for your immigration or career project.
      5. Flexibility and Accessibility : Choose to participate physically in Paris or Rabat, or join us online according to your convenience.

If you are thinking about immigrating to Canada for job opportunities or a better lifestyle, now is the perfect time to act. The forum will provide you with all the information you need, from exploring job opportunities to understanding immigration criteria. You will also have the opportunity to network with employers, immigration experts, and other candidates.