Hey guys, today I’ve got another non-working Dyson hd01 hair dryer that isn’t turning on. It’s got the inline filter and the GFCI built into the cord. Let’s plug it in and see what’s going on with it.

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1- Checking for Issues

Oh no, it’s not powering on at all! So, in this video, I’m going to disassemble the Dyson hair dryer, and I’m shooting it in better resolution than before. From now on, I can just reference this disassembly video for any future repairs, instead of showing it in all the repair videos.

2- Disassembly

I’m going to use my cow weeks screwdriver set to remove the screen filter and the handle screw. The buttons are really tight, but I’ll apply some gentle pressure and a bit of heat from my hot air gun, and they should come off fine. We’ll remove the noise abatement filter and the T8 screw that’s holding the handle together. After that, we’ll slide the O-ring down, and we have three more T6 screws to remove. Remember, these three screws will be shorter. This half will pop right off, except for the little bit of tape.

3- Testing for Power

I’m going to be very careful here and plug in the GFCI to make sure it’s reset with my Sharp meter probes. I’m going to penetrate this heat shrink and make sure that 120 volts is getting through, and it is! So, we know that we are getting 120 volts through to at least our switch at this point.

4- Removing the Switch Cover Plate

Now, I’m going to unplug the little, what I believe to be, a switched reluctance motor. It’s got a little ground clip that I can push the little latch and then it’ll slide right off. This little motor turns at 120,000 RPMs, which is pretty impressive for its size, especially at 100 Watts. It does move a lot of air for its size.

Next, I’m going to push this O-ring all the way up out of the way, and we’ll get our switch cover plate off. It’s really held on by the O-ring, by both O-rings, actually. Now, we see four T5 screws going through to our white vacuum plate that covers over the switches. Once we get these four off, this little plate will lift right out.

5- Be careful with Wires

Pay close attention to how these wires are routed through, because this can be a booger to put back sometimes. The way it goes under the board is that the hot wire goes straight to the switch, and the neutral wire goes on through to the main control board. I’m just going to fast forward through some of this, and I’m just going to take my razor knife and just simply cut the heat shrink off. We’ll have to put this back on later, and just try to be careful with these connectors because they are very, very tight connectors, and make a really good connection for their size.

6- Removing the Back Cover Plate

Next, I’m going to remove this back cover plate. Sometimes these pop off fairly easily, so I’ll try my little spudger tool first. This one’s trying to be tough, but this spudger tool won’t mar up the housing as bad, so I like to try it first. A screwdriver can damage the housing if you’re not careful.

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And there you have it! That’s how you disassemble the Dyson hair dryer. It can be a bit of a challenge, but with some patience, it’s doable. If you have any questions, let me know!