Users sometimes wonder how to uninstall an application that they don’t like, but it is not always easy as they may come pre-installed or may have failed to meet their expectations. In April 2022, ElectronicsHub conducted a study to determine the most hated apps among users worldwide, using social media networks to obtain interesting results on the consumption trends in each country.

Apps that generate the most hate among users

Some apps are disliked, not because they are bad, but because they come pre-installed in mobile phones, making it hard to uninstall them. Moreover, some apps receive hate due to intensive use, with about 25% of messages in some countries being complaints about their performance. The study segmented the most hated apps into different categories, including social media, dating, entertainment, games, cryptocurrencies, and money transfer.

Social Media: Reddit is the most hated app

Reddit, the world’s largest forum community, is the most hated app, which is surprising given that it is not a popular app in the country. Many people may not even know what Reddit is or how it works.

Dating: POF is the most hated dating app

POF is a dating app similar to Tinder but less successful. Interestingly, Reddit is the most hated app in many European countries, while POF generates hate mainly in France and Italy.

Entertainment: Steam is the most hated app in the entertainment category

Steam, the popular PC gaming platform, is the most hated app in the entertainment category, while Disney+ and Netflix also receive some hate.

Games: Homescapes is one of the most downloaded games in the Play Store but also one of the most hated.

Homescapes, a puzzle game with over 100 million downloads, has an aggressive social media advertising campaign but still has a large following. However, many users dislike it due to various reasons.

In conclusion, while these apps are the most hated by users, it does not necessarily mean they are bad. Nevertheless, knowing the reasons behind the hate can help developers improve the apps or give users alternative options.