Disney+, one of the biggest entertainment streaming chains in the country, launches a series of new releases this week. Disney+ is one of the top three media streaming and VOD services in the country, along with HBO Max and Netflix, and always generates a lot of excitement and expectation regarding the arrival of new releases. In this article, we’ll be discussing the major new releases that will be coming to Disney+’s streaming platform.

This week’s releases on Disney+ are very diverse, featuring Spanish films and TV series, as well as one of the world’s most prominent children’s shows, Peppa Pig. There are also first-time exclusive releases and productions owned by the entertainment giant, Disney.

The following is the list of this week’s releases:

  • “El Grito de las Mariposas” (The Cry of the Butterflies), Season 1, March 8.
  • “Better Things,” Season 5, March 8.
  • “Peppa Pig,” Seasons 1-6, March 10.
  • “Abuelo y Exconvicto” (Grandfather and Ex-Convict), Season 1, March 10.
  • “Chang Machaca,” March 10.
  • “Soldados de Salamina” (Soldiers of Salamis), March 10.
  • “Beltenebros,” March 10.
  • “L.A. Confidential,” March 10.
  • “Julia,” March 10.
  • “Tigerland,” March 10.
  • “El RuiseƱor de Bursa” (The Nightingale of Bursa), March 10.