2020 started off kind of odd for all of us, trust me I Know!

Needless to say, the world needs a superhero figure (not batman) to help us all get out of this mess.

Well hello world, and all of the local businesses that need help, “IM BACK” 

SEO-BeastMode Hulk is here to help with a full-on 2022 Local SEO pack that will help our clients, 

to claim the top spots on google local search and stay ahead of the competition.

We knew that something dramatic needed to be done to help out, so we spent our quarantine time wisely and brainstormed 

(for the future of the local business owners and mankind) and came up with a full-on and affordable local SEO plan that we can deploy for all our clients on FIVERR(:

What you get is:

330 Local Citations (on local boards, USA only) 

5 Local maps 50 points each packed with all of the local signals 

5 days blog comment drip feed (5 links a day)

We will also throw in our award-winning “secret sauce” for a maximum local boost. 

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