Instagram has been the subject of much discussion due to its controversial stories and posts. People share their personal life, their work and their family moments. Instagram’s “close friends” feature for stories has given users more voice. There is always drama on Instagram. It’s a shame not to be able to share it with friends. How about recording a Story on your screen?

Quick answer: There’s no way anyone will know you’ve screen-recorded a Story. Indeed, Instagram does not notify you when you save a Story on your screen. So you can easily loop the story and record whatever you want. However, Instagram warns users when you screenshot/save the disappearing images in the direct message.

Screenshots are not enough when there is a series of dramatic episodes in someone’s story. Who doesn’t love gossip and hot news? Screen recordings can help you chat with your friends in action. Wait, does Instagram notify you when you save a Story?

Well, you don’t need to worry about that. For what ? I’ve made it clear in this post when Instagram notifies you when you’re recording a screen and when it doesn’t. Mouse down to find out more!

What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram took inspiration from other social platforms, like Snapchat, and added a new feature in 2017. They introduced “Story”, where users could share their moments from time to time. You can add your daily life routine, tips and tricks, and useful information to stories.

In short, Instagram stories are a home for everyone. The aspect that distinguishes them is that they disappear after 24 hours. Your stories are downloaded when you get a rainbow colored ring around your profile. You can also bring out the highlights of your Story right now!

Did you know: Instagram introduced an attribute in 2018. It allowed users to be notified when someone captured their Story. That’s why, until today, people don’t know if Instagram notifies you when you save a Story on the screen. Keep calm, this update is gone for good!

When does Instagram notify you when you save a Story on your screen?

Instagram Stories have sparked everyone’s interest. Content is updated daily. You have the opportunity to see something new every day. In this case, even though it’s unethical to screen-record someone’s story, a little light still comes on.

You may want to screenshot an important notice on your form or anything else. You need to calm down in this regard. There will be absolutely no notification. Yes, even if you record or screenshot their story. Instagram users can only see the list of viewers. They can’t see the usernames of people who take screenshots.

There are still some things you need to take into account if you don’t want to be destabilized.

Instagram Screen Recording Notifications

Instagram lets you play it safe even if you screenshot everything on Instagram. “Direct messages”, however, are an exception. Here are two cases where a screenshot can warn the person in front.

  • Direct chat – If one of you has activated the “disappear” mode.
  • Disappearing posts – sent directly from Instagram’s camera.

These two main scenarios can get you in trouble. Instagram sends notifications if you take screenshots of these two elements.

Here are some tricks that can save you if your device can’t save live chat and photos:

Turn off the phone’s wifi, take a screenshot and disconnect.

  1. Activate airplane mode and take a screenshot.
  2. Capture content using another mobile phone.
  3. And that’s all you needed to know about “Does Instagram notify when you save a story on the screen?” “.

Tip: Screen recording can be your best ally if you want to keep evidence of a chat or missing photos on Instagram. How ? Instagram does not notify users when you save their content to Instagram. Yes, you read correctly !


Does Instagram notify you when your screenshot is online?

This functionality does not exist. Instagram does not notify you when your screen recording is online. You can make screenshots and screen recordings of any tension-free love session.

Can you see who screenshotted your Instagram story?

Unfortunately, it’s still not possible to see who took a screenshot of your story. Instagram has dissolved its update where you can see who has screenshotted your story.


You may find yourself in an awkward situation when you quickly need to save a Story to the screen but cannot. It can get tricky if you’re caught screen recording or screenshotting someone’s story. But you don’t need to feel that way anymore.

We have answered all your speculations on this subject. As a bonus, we’ve shown you how to take screenshots without being notified. Don’t forget to check it out!