Recently, new versions of the WhatsApp application have been released continuously. With the new features added to the app, the space it occupies on the device has also increased significantly.

The reason for the app taking up so much space is quite clear. The primary cause of WhatsApp taking up so much space is the advancement of internet and device technologies. Thanks to these developing technologies, you can capture much higher quality and superior photos and videos.

Naturally, this leads to the app taking up more space. WhatsApp can reduce media quality to some extent to avoid occupying too much space under normal circumstances. However, if you are using the highest settings instead of the automatic settings, your app will take up a lot of space at this stage.

Why Does WhatsApp Take Up So Much Space?

If you don’t want the WhatsApp application to take up too much space, you first need to turn off the Media Visibility tab in the app’s Settings.

When you turn off this setting, you will not store information such as photos, videos, and audio from the other party on your device. This information is stored in the app’s internal storage. This will prevent your app from taking up too much space on your device.

You can keep the information in the WhatsApp app stored within the app to a certain extent. However, after the storage space allowed by the app is exhausted, the device’s storage will be used.

WhatsApp is not inherently an app that takes up a lot of space. However, new features added in recent versions can cause the app’s size to be much larger. In addition, incoming media data can occupy a considerable amount of space within the app. By turning off the media information from the other party, you can make the app take up much less space.

If you want to turn off media visibility for specific contacts, you can click on the contact card of the person you are chatting with and turn off the media visibility tab at the bottom. You can make this adjustment for all the people you want to turn off media visibility in the chat.

If you want to turn off media information for everyone, you need to do this adjustment from the app settings within the application. By going to the app settings, you can completely turn off the Media Visibility tab at the bottom. This way, all media coming from within the app will be stored in the app itself.