I am Fish is a unique video game that was released in September 2021 by the development team at Bossa Studios. This game is a blend of puzzles and adventures, allowing players to experience the life of a fish in diverse oceans and rivers.

In this game, the player finds themselves in a peculiar situation where they are placed in a barrel of water and are desperately trying to return to their natural habitat in the open sea. As the player swims through rivers, waterfalls, and lakes, they will need to overcome numerous obstacles and solve puzzles to reach their goal.

The game features seven different worlds to explore, each with its unique design and various challenges that the player must overcome. Players can play the game as a different fish character in each world, each with its unique characteristics.

I am Fish stands out with its beautiful and realistic graphics that immerse players in the world of oceans amidst its colors and enjoyable sounds. It is an entertaining game suitable for all ages, offering everyone the chance to experience the life of fish in a new and exciting way.

Gameplay and Features

In I am Fish, players control a fish and attempt to safely navigate it to the water. However, the task is not easy as the player’s fish must avoid various obstacles and navigate through tunnels, furniture, and water barriers to reach the end of the stage.

The game is characterized by its beautiful and exciting graphics that give a realistic impression of fish movement and the surrounding ocean. It also features easy and simple control that facilitates play in the hands of players. Players can enjoy the game experience in single-player mode or multiplayer mode, which allows each player to control their fish and compete with others.

If you are looking to spend an entertaining time exploring the ocean world, I am Fish will undoubtedly be the perfect choice for you.

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Downloading I am Fish for Android

I am Fish for the computer is an enjoyable game characterized by superior performance and astonishing graphics. The game tells the story of four fish friends who are kidnapped from their home in the pet store and find themselves in the store’s glass tanks. Each of them has a different mission that they must accomplish to return to the ocean and reunite with their families.

The game requires the player to pass several levels of obstacles that must be overcome skillfully. Creative thinking and motor skills are used to overcome the various obstacles and dangers they face. The game is characterized by twisted physics that adds realism and unparalleled fun to it. I am Fish for the computer can be obtained for free from our site, Explain to me, and the game is also available for download on smartphones with the Android system.


I am Fish is an attractive and fun game that suits all age groups and is a great choice for those who love exciting and enjoyable games.