Dubai Health Insurance Law Most people in Dubai wonder about it, and that is why we explain to you the most important programs in Dubai that provide health insurance service, and we will also show you the most important companies in Dubai that provide health insurance and treatment services at the highest level.

Dubai Health Insurance Law

The Saada program is one of the programs provided by health insurance to citizens in Dubai. This program is characterized by the following:

  • Comprehensive insurance coverage for citizens who are unable to benefit from any government health insurance programs in the Emirate of Dubai.
  • This program also provides various medical services that work with a large network of service providers related to healthcare in the private sector.
  • This program also works to provide all health services provided to citizens in the various health centers that are affiliated with the Dubai Health Authority.
  • The most important thing is that you can register in the Saada program by using the national identity card to take advantage of the various benefits that the program provides to citizens.

Dubai Health Insurance Law for Residents

Health insurance for residents of Dubai is determined according to some different factors, the most important of which are the following:

  • The salary the employee receives, the position he works in, and some other things.
  • Most importantly, the cost of medical services is determined according to the health insurance program chosen by the resident.
  • In the Emirate of Dubai, employers are obligated by the government to provide health insurance for the people who work for them only, and the insurance does not include families of employees.
  • This enables the sponsors to have comprehensive health insurance coverage for the sponsored.

Advantages and benefits of health insurance in Dubai

After knowing the Dubai Health Insurance Law, we will explain to you the most important advantages that you can obtain after registering with health insurance in Dubai, the most important of which are as follows:

  • Continuous development of various programs that provide health care to citizens and residents of Dubai, and for this reason I worked to provide an Enaya program.
  • The most important advantages of health insurance are the effectiveness, quality, and efficiency enjoyed by specialists, and the services provided to patients.
  • Improving the quality of health services, increasing their effectiveness, focusing on patients, focusing on the needs that they need, and working to meet them.
  • Some of the programs offered to patients include many different departments in the UAE.
  • These programs are available to more than 90,000 beneficiary employees in the government sector, and include more than 1,000 service providers in the private sector, whether inside or outside the Emirate of Dubai.

Dubai health insurance companies

After we reviewed the Dubai Health Insurance Law, we will explain to you the most important companies covered by health insurance, the most important of which are as follows:

AXA Insurance Company

  • AXA is at the forefront of health insurance companies in Dubai for the various benefits, multiple services and different options it provides to people.
  • And assistance in comprehensive coverage of various treatment services in hospitals, clinics, and various other medical services, including dentists, etc.
  • The most important characteristic of AXA is that it provides medical services to patients with chronic diseases without giving them a waiting period.
  • AXA Insurance is located on Sheikh Zayed Road, Umm Al Sheif.
  • The company’s working hours start from eight in the morning until eight in the evening, on Sundays until Wednesday of every week.
  • On Thursday and Saturday, work starts from eight in the evening until five in the evening.
  • You can contact AXA Insurance at 800292.


  • Daman provides its services to a large number of individuals whose number may exceed 3 million subscribers in various cities in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Daman also provides its services to more than 2,000 hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics covered by health insurance in Dubai for individuals and companies as well.
  • And the most important advantages that Daman enjoys is that it provides its subscribers with telemedicine consultation services.
  • Daman also gives its subscribers the offer of benefit schedules, and the tracking of various requests related to pre-approvals.
  • Daman is located in Capricon Towers on Sheikh Zayed Road.
  • The working hours are from eight in the morning until four in the afternoon, on Sundays until Thursdays of every week.
  • You can contact Daman on 800432626, or 026149555.

In conclusion, we have explained the Dubai Health Insurance Law and the programs that provide the best medical services to its subscribers, as well as we have explained to you the most important health insurance companies that provide the best treatment services, including AXA Insurance and Daman.