Online commerce is booming, especially since the Covid crisis. The number of merchant sites has increased by 11% in Europe between 2021 and 2022. And this is only the beginning! The competition is therefore fierce. Shopify, specialist in e-commerce, also believes that this is the first brake on the growth of brands installed on the Internet. live-shopping

How to stand out from other e-commerce sites?

Given the intense competition in the sector, brands must diversify their methods of seduction vis-à-vis Internet users, who are always in high demand. The simple merchant site is no longer enough, you have to personalize the offers and really accompany the customer until the purchase process. Each visitor must be able to participate in an interactive, fun and entertaining way through regular meetings. This is where Live Shopping comes in.

Live Shopping consists of offering products on the Web that are highlighted via a video broadcast live. Consumers can react in real time in an online discussion, ask questions to the hosts, give their opinion or even answer games, quizzes, riddles or contests. Everyone present has the opportunity to participate, while purchasing demonstration items. This creates an emulation and a unique friendly moment.

Transforming your online store into a Live Shopping space is quick and easy. There are web plugins for this. For example, in France, Shoply 's Live Shopping E-commerce solution can be installed in just a few clicks and configured to reflect your brand image.

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An interactive and effective moment

Offering Live Shopping means offering visitors an original shopping experience. They have the ability to inquire and seek the opinions of participants. Customers also appreciate receiving personalized service. They can forget the algorithms and robots of the Internet to really exchange with humans who answer them live. We know that the act of purchase is often blocked at the last moment by one or more points that require clarification. It is then easy to understand that Live Shopping can make it possible to concretize many orders.

As in a TV shopping show, visitors observe the uses of objects while being able to intervene and chat with the presenters. This brings real added value to the shopping experience and motivates those who would hesitate on a traditional sales page.

Fun and informative exchanges

The first interest of setting up a Live Shopping is to present its articles, their function, their use… Videos, on the other hand, have the advantage of being able to involve experts, influencers, celebrities of the net or even the product designers. In addition, appointments set by the contributors to their followers bring new prospects to the merchant. The animators interact with the public by exchanging live, by responding personally to each one and by proposing to have fun together.

According to a study commissioned by AliExpress, 78% of French e-commerce consumers are looking for more entertainment on merchant sites. Before cracking on an item, they come to enjoy distraction and fun and this motivates them to make the purchase.

Many animations are easy to set up via a Live Shopping. Internet users are, for example, invited to participate in draws or contests with a system of pledges or a musical game. The possibilities are diverse, the important thing being to captivate and entertain an audience interested in the items presented. The lucky ones leave with gifts, which creates publicity.

We see that today's e-customer needs more content than a simple product page to be convinced and place an order. Live Shopping offers this additional service, by offering original and interactive shopping experiences. The prospect feels valued and heard, because he can intervene and ask the questions he wants before buying the targeted product.

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