Connecting a Xiaomi phone to a computer may sometimes become a frustrating experience due to the various issues that can occur. In order to help troubleshoot these problems, we have compiled a list of the main errors that are encountered and their solutions.

While it may be tempting to go directly to the specific issue you are experiencing, it is recommended to review all of the solutions provided, as the cause of the failure to connect your Xiaomi phone to the PC may be unexpected. Additionally, there are various methods that can lead to errors and other potential solutions if the initial ones are not successful.

Troubleshoot Connection Between your Phone and PC

When we want to view the content of our phone on a computer, there are two ways to do it: by cable, which is typically faster, or wirelessly. The wireless option eliminates the need to physically move to retrieve the connection accessory. However, both methods allow for the transfer of all desired content. However, it is important to note that both methods may encounter issues.

By Cable

To connect a Xiaomi phone to a computer, we can use the cable that comes in the box. This cable has a Micro USB or USB Type C input that connects to the phone and a USB input that connects to the computer’s USB port. Although this method is fast and simple, it can still encounter issues.

To connect your Xiaomi phone to the computer using a cable, follow these simple steps:

  1. With the phone turned on, insert the USB port that corresponds to it.
  2. Connect the other end of the cable to the computer.
  3. Wait for the computer to recognize the device.
  4. On the phone, choose the option “Transfer files” or “MTP”.
  5. The connection process is now complete.

If the connection is not successful, check if the cable works on other devices, as it may have malfunctioned. If the cable is working, it may be a matter of the smartphone’s configuration. In this case, you can try the other alternatives that are explained below.


The manufacturer also offers another alternative to connect the phone to the computer, which is particularly useful when transferring files or photos from the Xiaomi to the computer. This method involves using the ShareMe tool that comes pre-installed on MIUI phone devices.

To use this method, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the phone and computer to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. On the phone, open the ShareMe tool and choose “Share with the computer.”
  3. Enter the address displayed on the phone in a browser on your computer.
  4. Instant access to all files and elements will be granted.

Phone Configuration

After reviewing the two methods for connecting a Xiaomi phone to a computer, it is important to understand the necessary configurations and programs to use in order to ensure a successful connection. Often, issues arise due to incorrect configuration or use of programs.

Adjust the USB connection

One of the most common issues when connecting a Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco phone to a PC is that the device is not recognized by the computer. This is often due to not changing the default option that appears on the phone when it is connected. The solution is simple and quick to implement.

transfer xiaomi data to computer

When the phone is connected to the computer via cable, pull down the notification bar, a constant notification should appear. By tapping on it, you can choose how you want to use the USB connection between the Xiaomi and the PC. There is an option for transferring files, and another for transferring photos only, select the one that you need.

Set the phone as a hard drive

If we use the developer options, we can make the phone always set to the same file transfer option by default, so that, as soon as it is connected to the computer, it is detected like a hard drive. The reason Google hides this menu is that changing some unknown options risks damaging the device, forcing a factory reset.

Many unknown settings can be changed from this hidden menu, be it screen size, animation speeds, USB debugging, OTG options, and what interests us in this case, the Default USB mode. To access these settings, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Tap “About phone”
  3. Select “See all Specs”
  4. Tap MIUI version repeatedly to activate developer options
  5. After receiving the message alerting you to do so, return to the main Settings page
  6. Enter “Additional Settings”
  7. You will find the developer options at the bottom

Now, all you have to do is scroll through its many options and find the category of networks or connections. Among the different configurations, you will find a “Default configuration of the USB” of your Xiaomi. Select “File Transfer” to always be the option that runs when you connect your smartphone to your computer.

Use a file explorer

Another problem that may occur when connecting a Xiaomi device to a computer is that the device appears in the file explorer, but there is no content. In this case, the error is not caused by any configuration issue, but rather some ROMs from the company limit access to the device in a more advanced way.

xiaomi file explorer

To fix this issue, it would be enough to unlock the phone and access it with your PIN or pattern. If this doesn’t work, disconnect the device, restart it, and try again. Also, be patient, as it may take some time for the computer to recognize the device and load the elements.

Another possible cause of this issue is the file explorer on the PC not working correctly. To fix this, you can use another FTP software (file transfer protocol) such as Cyberduck on the computer, which will allow you to transfer files without problems.

One of the biggest limitations for users with a phone from the Chinese firm, as well as other Android devices, is the difficulty in connecting them to a MAC. Apple does not make this connection process easy, which can lead to major problems when connecting a Xiaomi device to a Mac.

android file transfer mac

Google is aware of this issue and has an official tool called Android File Transfer to address it. The tool is free to download and can be installed on Mac devices running macOS 10.7 or higher. To use this tool, disconnect the Xiaomi phone, install and launch the program, and then repeat the connection steps, this time choosing the file transfer method.

Check the WiFi Connection

If you are unable to pair both devices without cables, it is likely that you have not followed the steps properly. It may also be possible that the wireless network is experiencing some problems, so it is important to confirm that the network to which you are connected on both the PC and smartphone is working properly.

However, keep in mind that ShareMe does not require an internet connection to work, but the application can mount an access point that may conflict with the connection method you are using. If you still encounter issues after checking the network and ensuring everything is working properly, try reconfiguring the connection between both devices from scratch following the steps provided earlier.

Why does ‘Device not compatible’ appear on Xiaomi?

One common error when connecting a Xiaomi phone with MIUI to a computer, television, or other device is the message “Device not compatible” appearing on the screen. This occurs when the phone is unable to share its information with the connected device.

However, this issue is relatively easy to resolve. In many cases, simply enabling debugging is sufficient, but in more complicated cases, alternative solutions may be required. These solutions do not pose a risk to the phone as long as you are connecting it to your personal computer, although it is not recommended to do so in public places.

It is not always necessary to use the developer permissions, but if other methods have not worked and the phone’s screen is not functioning properly, it may be necessary. To access developer permissions, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the settings on your Xiaomi phone.
  2. Select the “phone” section.
  3. Tap the “MIUI version” multiple times until the developer permissions appear.

xiaomi usb debugging

To fix the “Device not compatible” error and connect your Xiaomi phone to a computer, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the phone’s settings.
  2. Scroll down to “Additional settings.”
  3. Click on “Developer Options.”
  4. Look for and enable “USB debugging.”
  5. Disconnect and reconnect the phone to the computer.
  6. After following this procedure, disconnect the cable from the smartphone and restart it for the changes to take full effect.

You should now be able to connect the Xiaomi phone to a Windows or Mac computer and transfer files without issue.

Solution to other problems

In the event that our phone continues to give us access problems, it may be due to some limitation or software error. To avoid this, we have other possibilities within our reach that could become a key solution when nothing seen so far has been able to help us solve it.

Phone only charges when connected

A common issue when connecting a Xiaomi phone to a PC is that the phone starts charging but does not connect to the computer, making it impossible to transfer files or perform other actions. This is often due to the phone’s default configuration not recognizing the computer as a connection device, or the computer not searching for new devices.

The solution for this problem is simple. When the phone is connected to another device via cable, slide down the notification bar that appears. Interacting with the bar will give you two options for the behavior between the phone and the PC when making the connection via USB. The first option is for transferring files between both devices, while the second is for transferring photos only.

Cable Connection Caution

A problem that can arise when connecting a phone to a PC is with the cable being used. The cable can cause various errors, such as being damaged or not being suitable for the task at hand. To check if the cable is damaged, try using it for other tasks such as charging the phone or connecting to another device. Pay attention to whether there is proper contact with the phone or if it fails, as it does when connecting to a computer. If the problem is with the type of cable, it may only work for charging the phone and not for data transfer.

If it is determined that the USB cable is causing the problem, it is best to purchase a new cable with better materials and a faster data transfer rate. This will ensure that once the smartphone is connected to the PC, tasks can be performed more efficiently and quickly.

Computer Connection Issues

One issue that can arise when connecting a phone to a computer is related to the computer’s recognition of the phone. It’s important to keep in mind that the computer may not be prepared to receive any type of connection from the phone or may not support the connection. This can be related to the computer’s system, such as its capacity, performance, or even some type of failure or error.

To avoid this problem, it is important to check that the computer is compatible with the cable being used and with the intended use of the phone. In some cases, this problem may occur due to the age of the computer or its operating system. If the problem is with the computer, try connecting the phone to another computer or ask a friend to help you connect the phone to their computer.

Use Mi PC Suite

If all other methods have failed, you can use an official tool from the Xiaomi brand. The tool, called “MI PC Suite,” is becoming obsolete and has not been updated since 2015. However, it can be a useful tool for those experiencing constant problems connecting their Xiaomi phone to a computer. The downside is that it is only available for Windows, and can be downloaded from the MI PC Suite website.