Nowadays, social media has become a part of our daily routine. A large group of people use at least one social networking application or program, while others use 3 or 4 applications simultaneously.

Although these applications offer us many features, such as communication, messaging, and the ability to make voice and video calls, they also pose risks and concerns, particularly with regards to security and privacy. In this article, we will discuss the Safeum App, which allows you to communicate with your friends securely and privately.

Read on to learn more about this great application, how it works, its prominent features, and where to download it.

Explanation of the Safeum App

The Safeum app has been used a lot in the past, because this great software allows users to create a fake number on their mobile. And then they can easily create accounts on social networking sites, applications and programs. But after the spread of large amounts of fake numbers on the WhatsApp application, the manufacturer of it worked to block these fake numbers to reduce the number of users.

The Safeum App company did not receive it, and it worked to launch a new version of this program this year. In the following paragraphs, we will talk about the explanation of the Safeum App. Where we will talk about the most prominent features that it offers to the user, in addition to how to work on it, and how to download it directly.

Explanation of the Safeum App: the most prominent features

On the Internet, you can find many applications and programs that allow you to create a fake number for use on social media platforms. However, this Safeum app is one of the best apps out there. This is because it comes with a lot of cool, useful and exceptional features that enable the user to work on it very quickly.

The ease of use of the application made it one of the most used applications in this field in general. Follow with us the following paragraphs, in which we will talk about the explanation of the Safeum App and its most prominent features.

1- High security level

Safeum offers you a very high level of security. Especially if you compare it to the levels of security offered by other competing applications. Among the most prominent security and privacy features in this application:

  • This app does not store your data directly on your mobile device
  • You can access your data and information quickly, easily and at any time
  • When you use this application, you will not lose your data
  • Enhanced encryption feature, which encrypts all conversations, messages and calls made on your mobile
  • The feature of checking simulated encryption keys, as well as the presence of a QR code
  • Three levels of security to access your personal account, including three different PIN codes for the highest possible security
  • This program will not place your data and information on public networks, such as WI FI networks for example
  • Safeum gives you an alert when a user tries to access your account
  • This program generates a secret dynamic key for each message on it, that is, it changes this key every time
  • In addition to a lot of other advanced protection and security features that you can find in this wonderful application

2- Register with or without a SIM card

Unlike other apps that allow you to register on it either with a SIM card, or without using that card at all. This Safeum app offers you the possibility to use the way you like. Where you can activate this program using a physical SIM card, and in this case you can access your contacts and numbers easily. You can also activate this program without using a SIM card at all. In this case, you only have to enter your username and password.

3- Use more than one account

While most programs similar to this program enable you to create one fake account on your mobile phone, this Safeum program allows you to create more than one account on the same device.

Where you can create 3 different accounts by using the same application and the same mobile. Therefore, you will not have to use another program or another mobile in case you want to create a new fake account on your mobile.

4- Ability to disable chat history

While most other social networking programs and applications provide you with a feature like this, this wonderful application offers you this feature in a new and more effective form than the rest of the applications. Where you can disable your chat history by both parties at the same time.

That is, you can disable the date on your mobile phone and the other mobile that receives messages from you at the same time and by using the application on your own mobile only.

5- Make encrypted calls

Another one of the features that you can find in apps similar to this one. But the difference here is that Safeum allows you to make voice calls and video calls fully encrypted.

That is, the chats that take place between you and the other user will not be able to be accessed by anyone but you. Thus, this application provides you with a very high level of security in this respect.

6- High ability to control account settings

Finally, with this program, you can adjust your account settings very easily and effectively.

You only need to go to the settings section, and then you can easily configure your account using simple tools that are understandable to most users.

Explanation of the Safeum App: How to download

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Finally, after you know the most prominent and most important features that this program offers you, all you have to do is download, install and use it on your mobile. You can do this by clicking on one of the download buttons at the bottom of this paragraph.

Download for Android Download for iPhone

This was our full article on Safeum app explanation. Do not forget to share this article among your friends who want to use this program in order to get acquainted with it.