Facebook remains the leader in Social Login worldwide. With a market share of over 50% in the second quarter of 2014, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is ahead of Google+ and Yahoo

What is Social Login?

It is actually the identification solutions offered by the various social networks. In fact, more and more publishers are using this type of system today.

Simple and effective, they allow users to authenticate themselves on websites without having to create an additional account. As we know, registration forms are not very popular with Internet users.

Facebook dominates the Social Login

According to the infographic published by the technology company GIGYA based in California, Facebook currently holds 55% of the Social Login market in the world. This domination is even stronger in the Asia-Pacific region (78%) but also in Africa (82%) and South America (82%). Facebook Social Login pour mobile We also notice that users of e-commerce sites are very enthusiastic about the Facebook authentication system. Almost 75% of them have adopted it.

Google+ in second place

Far behind is Google+ with a market share of about 27%. Except for Europe and the USA, Google+ registrations are struggling to take off in the rest of the world. Only 11% in South America, 7% in Africa and 3% in Asia Pacific.

Twitter lags behind

The big loser in this study is Twitter. Its authentication system does not exceed 5%. Worse, on e-commerce sites, it has to make do with barely 2% of market share. Note that the social network with the blue bird gets its best scores on the old continent. (7% in Europe). Infographie Social Login
Source: GIGYA Blog