Immigration to Australia through family visa

Many are looking for family immigration methods to Australia, whether by submitting an immigration application to Australia via the Internet, or by immigrating to Australia through relatives.

Some try to focus on the easiest way to immigrate to Australia, in light of the complexity of the procedures for submitting an immigration application to Australia, the large number of requirements, and so on.

Preface about family immigration to Australia

There are various visas related to family immigration to Australia, but they require the fulfillment of certain conditions. Some of these visas include nomination, marriage, parents, or children.

Family immigration visas are granted to those who have family members in Australia. As for the possibilities that increase the chances of immigration to Australia, it is the degree of kinship between those in Australia and those wishing to immigrate.

There are also visas related to family immigration, including the marriage visa, which focus on those who are preparing to marry an Australian citizen or citizen, and it is sufficient that there is residence with the person in Australia in order to complete the conditions of the visa.

For families who wish to immigrate to Australia and are wondering about registering for the 2021 Australian immigration lottery, none of this is correct.

Finally, it is worth noting an important point, which is submitting an immigration request to Australia from Lebanon, Iraq, or Syria, as the matter does not differ much from one country to another.

The easiest way to immigrate to Australia is through relatives

There is what is known as the “subclass 600” visitor visa, the Family Sponsorship Stream, and it is the most accepted visa for families to move to Australia.

One of the advantages of family immigration to Australia through this visa is that it gives its holder the right to live in Australia for a period of 12 years.

As for those who are eligible to obtain this visa, one of the family members must be in Australia, and the visitor who wants to invite the resident must have arrived in Australia with the intention of visiting only.

Persons arriving in Australia with this visa are required to fulfill several conditions such as their ability to take care of themselves and to meet the requirements imposed in terms of personal, work and health aspects.

How to apply for family immigration to Australia

There are many complex points that must be seen for those who are thinking of arriving in Australia through relatives, and we mention them to you as follows:

  1. All medical examinations must be performed necessary before applying for a visa.
  2. The visa application form must be completed and preferably done by an authorized migration agent in Australia.
  3. The visitor must have several papers such as passports, marriage certificates and other documents.
  4. All required documents must be translated into English through accredited translation agencies in Australia.
  5. All information must be accurate and the applicant must pay the visa fees and costs.
  6. The family members that the resident or the Australian citizen intends to bring to Australia must be outside the country when submitting the application.

There are many other conditions, such as the undertaking of the relative who is in Australia to cover the costs of health insurance for his family members who will move to Australia, and so on.

Information and facts about family immigration to Australia

There are many things that must be known regarding family immigration to Australia, and we mention the most important ones as follows:

  • The duration of the family visa to Australia requires processing to approximately four and a half years.
  • More than half of the visas awarded by Australia for 2021 were family visas.
  • The number of family visas has reached more than 77,300 visas, including 72,300 visas for partners, 4,500 visas for parents, and 500 family visas of different types.
  • When submitting a family visa application, the Australian authorities take the first step, which is checking the validity of the relationship or kinship between the two parties.
  • Family visa costs for parents are about $48,000 for each person.
  • The best family visa options are the Class 103 or Class 804 visas, which are less expensive but can take up to 30 years for the application to be processed.
  • There is what is known as the family balance test, and it aims to determine the number of children in Australia who hold citizenship or residency, and the rest of their family members that they want to bring to Australia.