The features of the Noon shopping application are many and varied, as it is one of the most important electronic shopping sites that has spread widely during the last period among many users of social networking sites in general, because it offers many services, features, offers and discounts to customers everywhere.

So, through the GoStart.Biz website today, we will learn in detail about the features of the Noon shopping application and explain all the information related to this application through the following lines.

Features of the Noon shopping application

The Noon application is one of the best electronic shopping sites that was created in more than one different Arab country, such as Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, and Egypt. It has gained the trust of many users around the world because it has many different products in more than one different field, in addition to the fact that these products It is characterized by superior quality.

It also offers these products at competitive prices that suit many different segments of society, which has made it one of the best e-marketing sites used in general.

In addition to what was mentioned above, we find that the site offers many discounts, discount codes and offers that many users around the world enjoy, and there are many other features of the Noon shopping application that we will list to you in the following points:

  • The Noon application is available in Arabic and English in order to facilitate shopping services for customers around the world.
  • The Noon application also has a distinctive yellow interface, which has an effective role in attracting clients and customers to the application or website.
  • One of the most important features of the Noon application is that it offers many discounts, codes and coupons on an ongoing basis in order to attract the largest possible number of customers to the site.
  • In addition, he has many different products, which he divides into their own sections, in order for the customer to easily access the product he is looking for.
  • This application contains many different products related to the child, mother, father, family, home, and all different supplies.
  • The application provides more than one different means of payment, which gives the customer sufficient comfort during dealing and shopping in general.
  • This application is also distinguished by the fact that it displays all original products at a rate that may reach 100%, and they are of high quality and at prices suitable for everyone.
  • The customer can also return the products within 24 hours of receiving the products, and the application does not impose any additional fees for that.
  • In addition, it provides free delivery service for products within 24 hours of purchasing them.
  • The team working on the Noon application also contributes to solving customer problems well, by communicating with them quickly, to find out the complaint or inquiry submitted.
  • The Noon application is available on many different systems, and the website is available on more than one different social media platform, which facilitates the process of communicating with customers around the world.
  • It also offers many different discounts that will save customers money, making them able to buy more than one different product.
  • It has a 24-hour delivery service.

How to shop through the Noon application

As part of our introduction to the features of the Noon shopping application, through this paragraph we will learn how to shop correctly, by using the application, by following the following steps:

  1. First, download the Noon application from the Google Play Store by visiting the following link.
  2. After completing the download, the application is installed on the phone and then opened normally, entering directly to the registration page.
  3. The customer enters all his data, and then clicks on Create Account.
  4. After that, you can start shopping in an easy and simple way by choosing the appropriate product for you, either randomly or by entering the specific sections.

Features of the Noon shopping application

  1. For example, if you choose a specific product, the product is displayed with all information related to the shipping method, packaging method, and storage method in Noon’s warehouses.

Features of the Noon shopping application

  1. In addition, the application displays all the information and specifications of the product, to know all the features of the product you are willing to buy.
  2. The application also provides a tab that contains users’ opinions on the product before, in order to view them.
  3. After completing the identification of all the specifications and features of the product, and the desire to obtain it, click on “Add to shopping cart” and then click on “Complete purchase.”
  4. After that, you will automatically go to the purchase page, through which you can enter the discount code in order to get the product at a low price.
  5. After the discount code is entered and activated successfully, the customer clicks “Complete purchase.”
  6. After that, your geographical address will be added to Google Maps, and then the customer will search for the area in which he is located. After completing the search process, he will click “Confirm.”

Features of the Noon shopping application

  1. After that, the customer will have to enter all his other information, such as (name, phone number, and address in detail), and then click “Save Address.”
  2. After completing the previous steps, click “Continue.”
  3. In this case, the customer must wait several minutes because a message containing the confirmation code will arrive on his number.
  4. The customer must enter the code well to activate your account.

Features of the Noon shopping application

  1. After that, the customer will go to the payment page, in order to choose the appropriate method for you, where payment is available by using a credit card or by paying by cash.

Features of the Noon shopping application

  1. After completing the payment process, you will receive your order number, and you must wait until the shipment arrives on the specified date.

Features of the Noon shopping application

  1. The Noon application provides the ability to track the shipment, by entering “My Account” through the application, and then choosing “Orders.”
  2. After that, it will show you the specific locations of your products.
  3. Also, before the shipment arrives, you will receive a message on your mobile phone, informing you that the shipment is about to arrive and that you must be present in the agreed upon receiving area.

After completing all the previous steps, you will get the products that you purchased from the Noon website with ease.

How to retrieve the shipment from Noon?

Sometimes a defect may occur in some orders on the site, just like electronic marketing sites in general. When you look at the shipping, you may find that there are inconsistent specifications in the product. In this case, the customer wants to get his money back, and this can be done by following the following methods:

  • A message is sent to Noon customer service explaining that the shipment did not meet the agreed upon specifications. The company sends a representative to the customer to inspect the product, and if the condition is confirmed, all money is refunded to the customer again.
  • If the customer has paid for the product in cash, this money will automatically be transferred to his wallet on the Noon website, and can be used again for purchases.
  • If the payment method is through a credit card, the money will be transferred to the card again, knowing that you can wait for several days until the balance appears on the card.
  • It is worth noting that the product can be returned within 15 days of receiving it, as after two weeks the product cannot be returned again.

How to contact Noon Egypt

As part of our introduction to the features of the Noon shopping application, we present to you through this paragraph the ways to communicate with Noon Egypt by following the following:

  • Noon provides its technical support number in Egypt, which is 16358.
  • You can also communicate via email at [email protected]

Ways to contact Noon Saudi Arabia

You can also contact Noon Saudi Arabia by following the following methods:

  • You can contact Noon's technical support number in Saudi Arabia, which is 8001160210.
  • Or it can be done through email, which is [email protected]

Ways to contact Noon UAE

You can contact Noon Emirates by following the following:

  • Noon Emirates hotline is 80038888.
  • Or it can be done through email, which is [email protected]

There are many different online shopping sites, the most important of which is the Noon platform, thanks to the fact that it contains many different features in addition to offers, discounts, and coupons, and the products available on it are of superior quality.