Fisker, the American automobile manufacturer, is set to launch its all-electric SUV “Pear”. Although smaller and less autonomous, it competes directly with Tesla’s Model Y, and at a lower price point.

Competition in the Electric SUV Market

Tesla has not had to worry too much about competition in its sector so far. But in the electric SUV segment, things could change quickly. This time, it is not a Chinese manufacturer seeking to challenge Tesla, but the Californian and American brand Fisker. Although newer than Tesla, the firm is starting to make a name for itself in the United States. The “Pear”, a 100% electric SUV, is expected to arrive soon in the country.

Its key features include a starting price of under $30,000 and a range of 300 kilometers. It’s hard for Tesla to compete when the Model Y starts at almost €47,000 despite offering 455 kilometers of range. In any case, the announcement effect is there for Fisker, if only for the symbol of the SUV’s name. The Pear wants to lead the personal electric automotive revolution, which is what the acronym stands for.

An Affordable Electric SUV

Compared to its competitor, the Pear has a more pronounced SUV look, with its imposing grille and angular design. As a unique feature, the brand boasts of offering the most advanced windshield on a modern car. It gives it an aerodynamic optimization and also a surprising bulging appearance. Although the announced range is limited to 300 kilometers for now, this is also the case for similar vehicles, except for Tesla’s.

But the manufacturer claims that this is only the beginning, and that an optimized version for greater range will also be offered. As for the car’s information system, the manufacturer explained that this computer, which is currently unknown, will be named the Blade Computer.

At present, the SUV is in the pre-order stage, and it has not yet been approved by US authorities. We will have to wait a few months to see if the Pear presents a real challenge to Tesla.