Experience Unmatched Efficiency and Flexibility with the Fossibot F2400 and SP200 Solar Panel Bundle.

The Fossibot F2400 is a top-performing portable power station equipped with a 2048Wh/640000mAh LiFePO4 battery, delivering an impressive 2400W power output. This versatile power station features 3 standard 240V outlets, 6 USB ports, and 4 DC outputs, providing electricity to a wide range of devices, from kitchen appliances to televisions, DIY tools, and even refrigerators.

Advanced UPS Technology for Data Protection

Equipped with the latest bidirectional inverter technology (UPS), the Fossibot F2400 ensures protection for electrical and computing devices by instantly switching to UPS power in the event of an electrical outage, safeguarding important data.

Comprehensive Evaluation of the Fossibot F2400 and SP200 Solar Panel

This review presents a thorough assessment of the Fossibot F2400 in combination with the SP200 solar panel from the same brand. A complete examination of every step of its usage has been conducted, from unboxing to recharging using solar power or a traditional power outlet. Additionally, precise measurements have been taken to determine the energy efficiency of this innovative product.

Package Options and Pricing

The Fossibot power station is available with or without a solar panel, offering excellent value for money. Check out the latest deals and pricing information here.

F2400’s 13 Ports for Unmatched Connectivity

The F2400 features 13 ports, including:

  • 1 car charger port,
  • 2 DC 5521 ports,
  • 2 USB-A ports with fast charging up to 18W,
  • 4 USB Type-C ports with fast charging up to 100W,
  • 3 standard 240V outlets.

Experience unrivaled efficiency and flexibility with the Fossibot F2400 portable power station and the SP200 solar panel.