Are you ready for an immersive, action-filled gaming experience that brings together your favorite pop culture universes? Then get set to dive into the world of Funko Fusion. The brainchild of 10:10 Studios, a company spearheaded by industry veterans from TT Games, Funko Fusion is all set to create a stir in the gaming industry. This comprehensive guide will give you a sneak peek into what to expect from this exciting new venture.

An Eclectic Mash-up Like No Other

Born from the creative minds behind some iconic Lego games, Funko Fusion is not your ordinary co-op action adventure. The game blends together an array of well-loved properties such as Jurassic World, Back to the Future, The Umbrella Academy, and Masters of the Universe, alongside several other NBCUniversal titles.

Imagine dashing through the prehistoric jungles of Jurassic World one moment and time-traveling with Marty McFly the next. The combination of diverse characters and settings adds a unique twist to the gameplay, promising an exhilarating ride through these iconic worlds.

A Band of Unlikely Heroes

In Funko Fusion, you don’t just explore these fantastic worlds. You team up with a group of unlikely heroes taken straight from the Funko characters’ universe. From Child’s Play 2 to The Thing, every character comes with their distinctive abilities and quirks.

Whether you’re battling foes with He-Man from Masters of the Universe or uncovering mysteries with the eclectic crew of The Umbrella Academy, each game session is a new adventure. Work in tandem with your teammates to overcome challenges and defeat enemies in this extraordinary cooperative game.

A Familiar Gameplay with a Mature Twist

While the roots of 10:10 Studios lie in the child-friendly world of Lego games, Funko Fusion aims to captivate a more mature audience. The game introduces R-rated properties, complete with cartoonish yet intense scenes of characters losing limbs and using flamethrowers to fend off monstrous adversaries.

Despite the familiar gameplay mechanics, expect a grittier, more grown-up experience in Funko Fusion. This fresh take promises to give players an unforgettable journey through their favorite pop culture multiverses.

Ready Your Consoles and PCs for Funko Fusion

10:10 Studios’ debut game Funko Fusion is coming soon to a console and PC near you. It’s an action-packed, cooperative gaming experience that is as engaging as it is unique. So, get ready to assemble a team of unlikely heroes and embark on a thrilling adventure.

The diverse range of characters, iconic worlds, mature gameplay, and cooperative mechanics all blend together to form the vibrant universe of Funko Fusion. Get ready to experience pop culture like never before!