Gaming enthusiasts can now gear up for a new action-adventure game called Afterimage, which will soon be released by Aurogon Shanghai. This Metroidvania game is a 2D platformer featuring hand-drawn art that is sure to captivate gamers with its stunning visuals.

Release Date:

Afterimage is all set to hit PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC platforms next week, on April 25, 2023.

Gameplay Preview:

The new gameplay video released today offers a glimpse of what to expect in Afterimage. In the video, gaming experts Wesley LeBlanc and Kyle Hilliard offer their thoughts on the game, and it’s safe to say they are impressed.

Graphics and Gameplay:

Afterimage offers a unique gameplay experience, with players taking on the role of a character that is able to manipulate the game’s environment with a magical ability called “Refraction.” The game features beautifully designed levels with intricate details and challenging puzzles that are sure to keep gamers engaged for hours.

The hand-drawn graphics in Afterimage are simply stunning. The game’s art style is reminiscent of classic animated movies from the 1990s and is sure to transport gamers to a different world.

Final Verdict:

Afterimage is definitely a game to watch out for, especially if you’re a fan of the Metroidvania genre. With its captivating hand-drawn graphics, intriguing gameplay mechanics, and challenging puzzles, Afterimage is sure to be a hit among gamers.

So get ready to dive into a new world of adventure and magic with Afterimage, coming soon to your favorite gaming platform.