As a TikTok user, do you remember the stress of picking the perfect song for your Myspace profile? Or the pride of creating your first Facebook account when you went to college? Well, the world of social media has come a long way since then. In today’s era of TikTok fame, understanding the right use of hashtags is a game-changer. If you’re trying to get famous on TikTok, here’s some good news – you might not need as many hashtags as you think!

The Right Number of Hashtags on TikTok

Unlike most social media platforms that followed Twitter’s lead on implementing hashtags, TikTok doesn’t demand a pile of them. Surprisingly, achieving success on TikTok requires fewer hashtags than you might expect. So, how many should you use?

While there’s technically no limit to the number of hashtags on TikTok, a more measured approach is recommended. According to marketing agency Ampfluence, three to five hashtags are optimal in a TikTok caption.

For those seeking professional growth on TikTok, it’s advised to use hashtags “in a targeted manner”. That means you need to carefully plan your keywords before you post, thereby refining your social media strategy. This approach aligns with TikTok’s preference for quality hashtags over quantity. But how can you find these golden keywords? Here’s how.

Utilizing Hashtags for TikTok Success

TikTok’s dynamic nature results in new trends popping up weekly. To stay on top of this, some users turn to Hashtag Expert, a service that offers trending hashtags relevant to your brand. As per its website, the app uses smart algorithms to identify trending hashtags that can boost your social media presence.

Not Just Trending Hashtags

It’s important to note that while using trending hashtags is an effective strategy for some TikTokers, it’s not the only way to amass followers. Ampfluence advises not to become too reliant on following trends. This common mistake can be quite draining. Instead, users should use popular hashtags that resonate with their target audience. This will help position your content in the right context, attract the right viewers, and boost conversion rates.

Leveraging Local Hashtags

Another effective strategy is utilizing local hashtags. If you’re posting about your brunch at a favorite local spot, including a hashtag featuring the restaurant or city’s name can connect you with people who live in or visit the area. Ampfluence asserts that local hashtags are particularly crucial for small businesses.

So, if your business has a physical location, ignoring local hashtags could derail your hashtag strategy. When targeting consumers in a certain location, local hashtags become more important than others.


Getting famous on TikTok requires strategy and understanding of how hashtags work on the platform. The focus is not on the quantity, but the quality and relevance of your hashtags. By following these tips, you might just land some impressive deals from brands and achieve the TikTok fame you’ve been dreaming of!