Since its creation in 1998, the Google algorithm has been constantly updated in order to optimize the results of searches on the Internet. If Google does it above all to optimize the user experience on its search engine, it is of particular interest to website owners and SEOs who work on their SEO in order to have the best possible positioning. Here is the full history and dates of the various Google algorithm SEO updates .

Recently, Google has put online a dedicated page on its official website which lists all the important updates of its algorithm managing the ranking order of organic search results.

Is an SEO update to Google’s algorithms taking place right now?

Want to know if there’s an SEO algorithm update from Google rolling out ? Here is the fluctuation indicator of the Google France SERPs today and the evolution curve during the last 7 days:

Simply click on the SERPs fluctuation indicator to see the details of the sectors impacted and the changes observed over more than the last 7 days.

The SEMrush Sensor analyzes the SERPs and makes it possible to determine the winning and losing sectors of each update.

If you have a premium account, you can also have your own fluctuation indicator based on your tracked keywords.

SEMrush also maintains a section of winning and losing sites based on the fluctuations in positioning observed on the keywords they track.

Google Algorithm Updates in 2023

To date, here are the known Google algorithm updates for 2023:

  • February 21, 2023: Update on product reviews, which are now taken into account in a greater number of languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Dutch, Polish and Vietnamese)

Online Reviews

Google Algorithmic Updates for 2022

Here are all the updates that Google deployed during the year 2022:

  • December 14, 2022: Link Spam Update, new update to fight spam, this time targeted at links.
  • December 5, 2022: Helpful Content Update, to “improve the classifier”. This update is valid for all content, regardless of their country of origin or their language of writing.
  • October 19, 2022: Google Spam Update, Google updates its algorithm for a more effective fight against content identified as spam in search results.
  • September 20, 2022: September Product Reviews Update : New update addressing low quality product reviews.
  • September 12, 2022: September Core Update : Important new core algorithm update ranking all organic search results from the Mountain View search engine.
  • August 22, 2022: Helpful Content Update : an update that aims to reward content written for Internet users and downgrade content written exclusively for search engines.
  • July 27, 2022: July Product Reviews Update : new update dedicated to improving search results on queries related to product reviews and selections.
  • May 25, 2022: May 2022 Core Update : Google has announced another important update to its algorithm with the integration of “ substantial improvements ”. As always, 1 to 2 weeks are needed for the deployment of the update to be complete.
  • March 23, 2022: Product Review Update : an algorithm update dedicated to articles and pages that share product reviews and tests. This update also includes pages that target “best (product type)” type keywords. For the moment, it only targets English SERPs.
  • February 22, 2022 to March 08, 2022: Page Experience Update Desktop : The deployment of the Page Experience Update also on the Desktop versions of the sites (if the site is optimized for the Page Experience in mobile version, normally, you should not have been impacted, unless you have a mobile site on a subdomain and a totally different desktop version).

Google Search

Google Algorithmic Updates for 2021

  • November 30, 2021: Google SEO Local update: changes to a few criteria including a stronger impact of the location of a business in local SEO and a new desktop interface for the local pack.
  • November 17/18, 2021: November Google Core Update : biggest fluctuation peak in SERPs in recent months!
  • August 24, 2021: Page Title Update (or TitleGate Update / Google update on Title tags): this update deployed impacts the CTR (click-through rate) of snippets (previews of web pages in the search results of Google). This update was slightly modified by Google on September 17, 2021.
  • July 26, 2021: launch of the Google Link Spam Update, an update that attacks affiliate and sponsored links not declared as such by webmasters (this update was officially ended 1 month later, on August 26).
  • July 1, 2021: Beginning of the deployment of the July Core Update 2021, the sequel to the June Core Update. Deployment ends July 13.
  • June 16, 2021: start of deployment of the Mobile Experience Update Page (end of deployment in August 2021). This algorithmic update aims to boost sites with good user experience (UX) and very good loading times on all Core Web Vitals indicators.
  • June 3, 2021: deployment of an update to the core of Google’s algorithm ( June 2021 Google Core Update ).
  • May 23, 2021: An unofficial update may have occurred. Some tools that measure the fluctuation of SERPs such as the SEMrush Sensor observed strong fluctuations in rankings that day.
  • April 08, 2021: Product Review Update : this Google update, mainly focused on English-language search results, aims to promote tests and detailed opinions shared on products and services. Sites sharing fake tests or reviews solely for affiliate purposes may be impacted by this update.

Google Algorithmic Updates for 2020

  • December 03: Google December Core Update : French SERPs volatility peak at “magnitude” 9.3 on the SEMrush Sensor scale: a great end to the year!
  • August 15: SEO tools panicked even though Google hasn’t confirmed anything.
  • August 10: Google confirms having a flaw in its indexing systems and the ranking of websites is upset for a while.
  • June 11: An indexing bug causing sudden changes in Search Engine Result Pages was found by Google, but this was fixed during the same period.
  • May 5: Google announces the upcoming arrival of an update on the Core Web Vitals.
  • May 4: Google confirms that it has updated the core of its algorithm with numerous impacts observed around the world. Many positions have been shaken up.
  • January 22: Google confirms an update to its algorithms so that position 0 is considered as a position in its own right with the non-duplication of positioning lower on page 1. In other words, from this date, a URL in position 0 will no longer also be present lower in the SERP (which is quite logical in itself.
  • January 13: A central Google algorithm update is announced by the mountainview firm.

Google algorithm updates for 2019

  • December 9: A Google update which consists in deploying internationally, in 70 languages, the BERT algorithm (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) took place.
  • October 22: The Google BERT algorithm is updated : Google can now better understand the meaning of search queries with more words. This is the rise of semantic SEO.
  • October 2: A significant flow of positioning recorded by SERP trackers is observed for several days without Google confirming an SEO update.
  • September 24: A central Google update is announced by the firm, which did not give more details.
  • July 12: An update to the Google algorithm that manages rankings is suspected following numerous fluctuations in rankings (although the search engine has not confirmed it).
  • June 6: Google makes an SEO update improving the SERPs.
  • June 3: The Google algorithm gets a central update.
  • May 23: Google confirms that it had an indexing problem, but fixed this flaw a few days later.
  • April 5: The Google algorithm had a bug de-indexing sites and web pages, a problem fixed a few days later.
  • March 12: A central Google algorithm update is confirmed by Google.
  • March 1: A spike in the SERPs is observed and was accompanied by an uncertain Google algorithm update.
  • February 6: An update to Google’s ranking algorithm is observed even though the search engine has not confirmed it.

Google’s algorithmic updates in 2018

  • November 29: Google’s algorithm experiences significant fluctuations, but the firm does not confirm any SEO updates .
  • October 15: Fluctuations in the Google algorithm are felt. However, the company does not confirm anything.
  • September 10: An update to the Google algorithm is observed, but the search engine has made no official communication .
  • August 1: Google Medic: the search engine officially announces a central update to its algorithm which mainly affects sites in the health and well-being theme.
  • July 24: An SEO update listing HTTP sites as insecure is confirmed by Google .
  • July 21: Strong ranking fluctuations are observed, but Google has not announced anything officially.
  • July 9: An update of the Google algorithm taking into account the loading speed on mobile is launched .
  • June 14: An SEO update concerning the videos in the results pages which are transferred to a dedicated carousel is put in place.
  • May 23: Significant fluctuations are observed, but there is no confirmation on a possible update of the Google algorithm .
  • May 13: A Google update on snippet shortening is released.
  • April 17: Google confirms a central update without providing more details.
  • March 26: Google specifies the launch of the first mobile index.
  • March 14: Google tests the zero position in the display of organic results.
  • March 8: The search engine announces a central update.
  • February 20: A peak in ranking volatility is observed, but Google does not announce any SEO updates .

Google algorithm updates in 2017

  • December 14: Unstable activity is seen, but Google confirms just a few lesser updates.
  • November 30: An update to the Google algorithm characterized by the extension of snippets is made.
  • November 14: Despite the importance of the felt flow, Google does not confirm any SEO updates .
  • October 27: A decrease in featured snippets is seen without any announcement of a Google update .
  • October 17: Google warns websites with insecure forms.
  • September 27: High activity is detected, but no Google algorithm update is confirmed.
  • June 20: Google Jobs is officially launched.
  • May 17: A spike in algorithmic feed is detected without any announcement of an SEO update .
  • April 16: Half of the organic results shown are from secure sites.
  • March 8: A big SEO update is detected, even though Google has n’t announced anything.
  • February 6: The Google algorithm has undergone changes, but the firm has not confirmed anything.
  • February 1: A spike in algorithmic feed is seen, but no confirmation from Google about an SEO update .
  • January 10: Aggressive interstitials and pop-ups that impair the user experience on mobile are penalized.

Google algorithm updates in 2016

  • November 10: A significant activity of the algorithmic feed is noted, but Google does not confirm anything.
  • October 6: A major algorithmic feed suggests that Google has launched Penguin 4.0 phase 2, although the firm has not confirmed this.
  • September 27: The Google Penguin 4.0 algorithm is launched.
  • September 23: Google officially announces a major Penguin update.
  • September 13: Universal search with image is diminished.
  • September 1: Algorithmic feed peak is recorded, but Google does not confirm anything.
  • May 12: The Google Mobile Accounting Algorithm is officially launched.
  • May 10: Google does not confirm any SEO updates even though significant algorithmic flow is seen .
  • February 23: Google revamps AdWords.
  • January 8: The Google algorithm is updated, but Google does not give more details.

RankBrain and Google Updates for 2015

  • October 26: The Google RankBrain algorithm is announced.
  • July 17: An update to the Google Panda algorithm is announced.
  • May 3: Google confirms an update to its central algorithm.

February 4:

  • A Google update to offer more mobile-friendly results is announced.
  • Significant fluctuations have been observed, but Google does not confirm an additional SEO update .

2014, the year of the Google Pigeon local algorithmic update

  • December 22: Google Pigeon ‘s expansion to Australia, Canada and the UK is confirmed.
  • December 10: Google announces Penguin’s move to a continuous SEO update system .
  • October 21: An update to Google Pirate is released.
  • October 17: An update to the Google Penguin algorithm is made.
  • October 1: An update to the “Top Stories” view is announced by Google.
  • September 23: A major update to Google Panda is announced.
  • August 28: The complete removal of copyright photos is officially announced by Google.
  • August 6: HTTPS sites are preferred by Google.
  • July 24: An update to the Google local search algorithm was made with Pigeon .
  • June 28: A decrease in author photos is announced by Google.
  • June 12: A new Payday Loan update is announced by Google.
  • May 19 : A new Google Panda update is released.
  • May 16: An update to the Google Payday Loan algorithm is made.
  • March 24: Google search results pages are on the move, but the search engine confirms no SEO updates .
  • February 6, 2014: The Google Top Heavy algorithm is updated.

Updates and updates of the Google algorithm in 2013

  • Dec. 19: Google’s authorship appears to be rearranged even though the company doesn’t confirm it.
  • December 17: A lot of activity is recorded, but Google denies the existence of an SEO update .
  • November 14: Unusual activity is noted, but Google does not confirm anything.
  • October 4: A Google update on Penguin is released.
  • August 20: Google Hummingbird algorithm is updated.
  • August 6: “Feature Articles”, a new type of news result is added by Google.
  • July 26: An algorithmic feed spike is detected, but Google does not confirm any SEO updates .
  • July 19: Google does not confirm anything even if an increase in queries with Knowledge Graph entries is noted.
  • July 18: An update of Google Panda is made.
  • June 27: A Google algorithm update took place, but the firm did not provide further details.

June 11:

  • Google announces an update to Google Payday Loan.
  • A Panda update has surely taken place following Google’s announcements that this algorithm is updated monthly.
  • May 22: Penguin is updated.
  • May 21: The domain name redundancy check is updated.
  • May 9: A Google algorithm update may have occurred, but this is unconfirmed.
  • March 14: Google Panda may be updated.
  • January 22: The first Google update is officially announced.

2012, the year of the biggest anti-spam Google update: Penguin

December 21:

  • A Google Panda update is performed.
  • An update of the Google algorithm optimizing Knowledge Graph is carried out .
  • November 21: Panda data is updated.
  • November 5: A Panda update is launched.
  • October 9: The Google layout algorithm is updated.
  • October 5: A minor Penguin update is released.
  • October 4: Google publishes the list of updates made in August and September.
  • September 27: The Google Panda algorithm and EMDs (Exact Match Domain) are updated.
  • September 18: A Panda data refresh is announced.
  • August 20: A new Google Panda algorithm update is launched.
  • August 14: Google reduces results pages.

August 10:

  • Google releases the June and July updates.
  • A penalty for sites accused of copyright infringement has been announced by Google.
  • July 24: A new Google Panda update is announced.
  • July 19: Artificial warning links are sent by Google via Google Webmaster Tools.
  • June 25: A Google update on Panda data is made.
  • June 8: A Panda update is released.
  • June 7: Google publishes monthly updates, 39 of which concern the month of May.
  • May 25: A Penguin update is released.
  • May 16: Knowledge Graph is officially launched.
  • May 4: April 52 changes are released by Google.
  • April 27: A new Google Panda update is released.
  • April 24: A webspam update called Penguin is released by Google.
  • April 19: A new Panda update is released.
  • April 16: Due to a data error from Google, a parked domains bug has occurred.
  • April 3: Google officially releases the list of March 50 updates.
  • March 23: A Panda update is announced by Google.
  • March 12: A video of a search quality meeting is released by Google.

February 27:

  • The Google Venice update is confirmed by the firm.
  • A set of 40 February Google Updates are released .
  • Google is rolling out a Panda update.
  • February 3: 17 new search quality criteria are published by Google.
  • January 19: An update to the Google algorithm penalizing sites with too many ads above the fold is made.
  • January 18: A Google Panda update is made.
  • January 10: Google announces an update to search personalization.
  • January 5: 30 updates are announced by Google.

Google Search Results

2011, the year of the major Google Panda algorithmic update

  • December 1: Google introduces a set of 10 December changes.
  • November 18: A Panda update is released.
  • November 14: An article about a set of 10 Google algorithm updates is published.
  • November 3: A change to the Google algorithm is announced.
  • October 18: Query encryption to protect Google searches is announced.
  • October 5: A new Google Panda update is announced.
  • September 28: A new Panda update is released.
  • September 21 : Google says it made 516 SEO updates in 2010.
  • September 15: New options for paginated content are implemented.
  • August 16: An improvement and an extension of sitelinks are launched.
  • August 12: Google panda is launched internationally.
  • July 23: Google Panda 2.3 update is available.
  • June 28: Google launches the Google+ project.
  • June 21: Google Panda 2.2 update is confirmed.
  • June 2: To enrich search results, Google joins forces with Yahoo and Bing.
  • May 9: Google announces a series of changes dubbed Panda 2.1.
  • April 11: A Google Panda update is launched internationally.
  • March 30: The +1 Button is launched.
  • February 23: A Google Panda/Farmer update is made.
  • January 28: A change to the Google algorithm is launched.
  • January 1: The site is penalized by Google.

2010, the pace of Google updates is accelerating

December 1:

  • November 1: A Google update consisting of giving an instant preview of landing pages is carried out.
  • September 1: Google launches Google Instant.
  • June 1: Google implements Caffeine.
  • May 1: The Google May Day update is confirmed.
  • April 1: Google introduces Google Places.

What’s new and updated from Google in 2009

  • December 1: Google launches real-time search.
  • August 1: Google tests Google Caffeine.

February 1:

  • The Google Vince update is felt, but Google does not confirm anything.
  • The canonical tag is adopted by Google, Bing and Yahoo.

The updates of the year 2008

  • August 1: Google Suggest is launched.
  • April 1: Google launches a non-detailed large-scale redesign.

The 2 updates of Google in 2007

  • June 1: The Google Buffy update is launched.
  • May 1: The universal search is launched.

2006, a light year in Google updates

  • December 1: Google announces no updates even though many believe there are.
  • November 1: An additional Google update seems to have been made, but Google does not confirm anything.

Google updates in 2005

  • December 1: The Google Big Daddy update is launched.

October 1:

  • Google is merging Maps and Local.
  • The Google Jagger update is launched.
  • September 1: An update to the Goog algorithm is observed by webmasters, but Google announces that this is not the case.
  • June 1: Google launches the Google Sitemaps program and personalized search.
  • May 1: Google announces the Google Bourbon Update .
  • February 1: Changes are noted by webmasters, but Google does not confirm any updates.
  • January 1: Google, MSN and Yahoo adopt Nofollow.

Google updates for the year 2004

  • August 1: Google sells 19 million shares.
  • February 1: Google reveals the Google Brandy update .
  • January 1: A Google Austin update not confirmed by Google is felt.

Google algo updates in 2003

  • November 1: The Google Florida update is launched.
  • September 1: Google sets up an additional index.
  • July 1: The Google Fritz update is launched.
  • June 1: Google announces Esmeralda.
  • May 1: The Google Dominic update is implemented.
  • April 1: The Google Cassandra update is released.
  • February 1: Google makes its first official update.

Google’s first algorithmic update in 2002

September 1: Google registers the first update of its algorithm.

Google updates of the year 2000

December 1: Toolbar and PageRank Toolbar are launched.

Google created its first algorithm in 1998

September 4: Google Inc is created by Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

FAQs about the Google algorithm

Why is Google updating its algorithm?

Google regularly updates its algorithm to improve the quality of its search results and provide a better user experience for users of its search engine. More precisely :

  1. To combat spamming practices and ranking manipulation techniques.
  2. To improve the relevance of search results by taking into account the latest trends, new technologies and changes in user behavior.
  3. To improve user experience by providing more accurate and useful results, as well as optimizing site speed and usability.
  4. To accommodate new content formats, such as videos, images, and news articles.
  5. To meet users’ requirements for online privacy and security.

How can Google algorithm updates affect a website’s ranking?

Google algorithm updates can affect your website’s ranking in a number of ways. Here are some examples :

  1. A change in ranking criteria : If a Google algorithm update changes the ranking criteria, your website may be positively or negatively impacted depending on how it meets these new criteria.
  2. A change in content quality rules : If Google changes the content quality rules to better meet user expectations, your website may be impacted positively if you provide relevant, useful and high-quality content, or negatively if your content is low quality or duplicated.
  3. A change in how Google treats links : If Google changes the way it treats links, your website may be impacted positively or negatively if your inbound or outbound links don’t follow the new rules.
  4. A change in the user experience : If Google places more importance on the user experience, your website may be impacted positively if you provide a quality user experience, or negatively if your site is slow, difficult to navigate or not very easy to navigate. user-friendly.
  5. A change in security requirements : If Google updates its algorithm to take security requirements into account, your website may be negatively impacted if you do not provide a secure browsing environment.

How do I know if my website has been affected by a Google algorithm update?

There are several ways to find out if your website has been impacted by a Google algorithm update:

  1. Follow SEO news : Google algorithm updates are often announced on official Google blogs, as well as on specialized SEO sites. It is important to follow these news to stay informed of the latest changes.
  2. Monitor your website traffic : If you see a significant drop in your organic traffic after a specific date, it may be a sign that your site has been impacted by a Google algorithm update.
  3. Use ranking tracking tools : Ranking tracking tools allow you to track the ranking of your website on the keywords you are targeting. If you notice a sudden drop in your rankings for certain keywords, it may indicate that your site has been impacted by a Google algorithm update.
  4. Analyze Google Analytics data : By analyzing your website’s Google Analytics data, you can detect significant changes in organic traffic, bounce rate, time spent on site, and more. which may indicate a Google algorithm update.
  5. Use diagnostic tools : There are online tools that allow you to diagnose your website’s SEO issues. Some of these tools help you identify problems with Google algorithm updates and offer solutions to fix them.

To summarize : you have to follow SEO news, monitor your organic traffic, use positioning tracking tools, analyze Google Analytics data and use diagnostic tools.

Do Google Algorithm Updates Impact Local SEO?

Yes, Google algorithm updates impact local SEO .

In recent years, Google has increased its focus on local SEO, that is, displaying search results for queries with geographic intent, such as “restaurant in Paris.”

Google’s algorithm updates therefore also aim to improve the quality of local search results.