Google Contacts has been updated with a new functionality that’s perfect for forgetful people. The app, which is often overlooked by the majority of Android mobile users, has added a new feature that will remind users of all the birthdays of their contacts.

Making Contacts More Than Just a Simple Phonebook

The Contacts app was updated by Google last year with a new tab called “Highlights” to make it more than just a simple phonebook. Now, it has added a new section within the tab that will remind users of all the birthdays of their contacts.

Never Miss a Birthday Again with Google Contacts

As reported by 9to5Google, the Google Contacts app has been recently updated with a new section called “For You” within the “Highlights” tab. This section displays the birthdays of all contacts in a user’s agenda, provided that the user has added the birthdate to each contact’s profile.

See Your Friends and Family’s Birthdays in Google Contacts

As shown in the screenshot above, the new section will display the profile picture of the contact, their name, the date of their birthday, and the number of days until the event. Users can also use the two direct access buttons at the bottom of the screen to call or send a message to the person and wish them a happy birthday.

Google Contacts Gets a Birthday Reminder Feature to Help Forgetful Users

The new feature is currently in development and is only available to a select number of users on version 4.2 of the Google Contacts app. However, it is expected to be rolled out to all users in the coming weeks.

In conclusion, with the addition of this new functionality, Google Contacts has become more than just a simple contact list. It can now help forgetful users remember important dates and events such as birthdays. With this feature, users will never miss a birthday again.