Google did not want to miss the presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, Galaxy S22 Ultra and the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 family tablets to announce some of its new features that will arrive at the launch of the new Samsung devices. On the official Google blog, the company has reviewed some of the applications that come standard on the new Samsung Galaxy S22, such as Google Duo and Google Messages, where Google has previewed two new features that will come to these communication products.

“Live Sharing” of Google Duo

Samsung and Google have teamed up to add in Duo the new “Live Sharing” feature, which, like Apple’s SharePlay, will allow its users to live to share their favorite applications. Users will be able to use Google Duo video calls to exchange ideas with their friends This new feature would be completely different from Google Duo’s “Screen Sharing” feature, as here only certain applications will be shared with their audio. What is unknown is the full list of apps supported by this new feature. Samsung has reported that the live sharing feature will be available at launch on Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8, and later this feature will come to all Galaxy upgraded to Android 12. According to Engadget, the Live Sharing feature would also be coming to the Google Pixel, which is expected to eventually reach all other devices as well.

YouTube video preview in Google Messages

The second new feature announced by Google, and which will arrive on all Android devices in a few weeks is the YouTube video preview in its messaging app Google Messages. So in the near future, if someone shares us the link of a YouTube video by SMS or RCS, in addition to seeing the preview of the video, we will be able to play it directly from Google Messages, without having to leave the application, as it has been happening for years in WhatsApp or Telegram.