Google is set to unveil a revolutionary new feature for the Pixel series of devices that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to enhance personalization. The presentation is expected to take place at the upcoming Google I/O conference in May.

The exact release date for this feature on Pixel devices is currently unknown. Despite recent layoffs at the company, Google assures that this has not impacted the development of new features. The effect of the layoffs on future releases remains to be seen.

A special AI for your Google Pixel

Artificial Intelligence has already been integrated into our smartphones in various ways, such as the Google voice assistant that can be activated with the screen off and the iOS image cropping feature. Now, the internet giant is proposing an AI-powered wallpaper creator for the Google Pixel 7 and future Pixel 7a devices.

This information was reported by 9to5Google, who highlighted a “Pixel wallpaper maker” that will be showcased at the upcoming Google I/O event in May 2023. However, there are currently many unknowns about this feature and it is not entirely clear how it will function.

Google Pixel 7 uso Google Pixel: Next-Level Personalization with Exclusive AI

It is currently unclear whether the AI of the Google Pixel will use a reference photo or have the ability to create a new image completely from scratch. However, it should be noted that Google already has an official app for obtaining wallpapers, which includes a wide selection of options. But this new app is an independent program exclusive to the main models of the Google Pixel series.

The Google Pixel devices already have a selection of exclusive wallpapers, but the new “Pixel wallpaper maker” feature takes it a step further by allowing users to create unique and differentiated wallpapers. Google is well-known for integrating Artificial Intelligence functions into its devices and this feature is expected to be no different.

Your Google Pixel is full of options

The Google Pixel device line is known for its pure version of Android without any added layers of customization. This results in unique features not found on other mobile devices running the same operating system, such as the ability to automatically make reservations at restaurants or other establishments.

One of the most notable features is the image enhancement through AI technology. The Google Pixels have an impressive photographic capability thanks to natural processing and features like Photo Blur and Unblur, which can apply a blur effect to photos and increase their quality respectively.

Recent news has surfaced about new features not specific to the Google Pixel that could potentially be available on other Android devices, such as the “Shopping Try-on” feature, which allows users to try on clothes and shoes through a virtual filter.

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