Here’s an explanation of affiliate marketing as you have not read about it before!

Explanation of affiliate marketing
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If you are looking to find another source of income besides your internet business as a content maker, blogger or online store owner. There is nothing better than affiliate marketing. This is because it is one of the most profitable and regular methods of marketing in achieving financial returns, The idea of working through it is simple. We will explain affiliate marketing in the details of the article. So, if you are seeking to enter the world of affiliate or affiliate marketing, then you are in the right place because we will talk as usual about the subject in a way that everyone understands, “beginners and professional”.

Explanation of affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing process based on the principle of the “marketer” providing promotional services (goods, services, or offers) for the benefit of the “advertiser” in return for a commission, Any predetermined amount of money, Provided that the advertiser (the owner of the commodity) provides an affiliate marketing system for what he owns and wants to market, Payment is done electronically through payment gateways or direct payment in person, As for the conditions and criteria of the commission marketing system, it is set by the advertiser, Therefore, if the marketer fulfills these criteria, he becomes eligible to contract with him.

Simply ! You will be a “middleman” between the customer and the owner of the product or service, You will earn a certain commission when you promote a product or service for a person or company for every purchase made through you.

And to have a greater idea of explaining affiliate marketing, we invite you to stay with us, as the information will be direct and concise for enjoyable reading and greater benefit.

Explanation of some affiliate marketing terms

Who is the advertiser?

It is every business owner (entrepreneur) who offers his products or services for sale on the Internet, and he may be a company or the owner of an online store or a factory.

Who is the Affiliate?

He is every blogger owner, A channel or site with content based on a comparison of products or services or their latest news, or provides explanations and important information to the public related to these products and services, and makes a profit from these content using the affiliate or affiliate marketing system.

What is Affiliate Marketing Service?

It is a service that does (Affiliate) Website owners and social media channels for marketing products for companies, Dealers or factories (Advertiser) In exchange for a percentage of the sales that come through the owner of this website or channel.

What is passive income?

It is every financial return you get on a regular basis from a business that you own, but without the slightest effort on your part. So, hiring affiliate marketers is like owning a property as if you have “fixed financial assets”! Here is an article explaining all the terms related to digital marketing, including the terms of affiliate marketing.

Miscellaneous information about affiliate marketing

  • There are companies that specialize in affiliate marketing such as CPI, CPL, and CPA.
  • Affiliate marketing was present even before the advent of the Internet, so its idea is based on the exchange of benefits between the marketer and the producer.
  • Affiliate marketing commission is either: A percentage of the selling price of the product, service, Or a fixed amount, It is specified by the advertiser. It often ranges between 10 and 50% of the selling price of the product or service.
  • In affiliate marketing, the most important point is to convince the customer to buy the product before he clicks on the affiliate link that will turn it into the landing pages that the advertiser provides you with, Because if the sale is not completed, it will be negative for the advertiser, and the marketer will not get a commission from this pressure. Thus, both sides will lose.

What are the areas of affiliate marketing?

Basically Products Concrete Medical preparations, Cosmetic products, Animal care products, kitchen’s tools, The number of home maintenance, Personal care products. And the Intangible Such as courses, games, programs, and service subscriptions. There may be many others, but these are the most prevalent ones, as we note.

Therefore, you must define your content and not make your blog a mixture of what the visitor loses focus and exit from your site or channel as a marketer.

Affiliate marketing goals

It varies according to the advertiser’s activity. The most important of these is the payment of the customer to complete the sale, register on a website, or download programs such as games or mobile applications. This will not be done unless you study the product well as a marketer, write about it in detail, explain its pros and cons, compare it with competitors, and put yourself in the reader’s place to answer any question that comes to mind about the product or service, Even the official website of the product or service may not be highlighted, You do it.

Affiliate Marketing Methods

  • Direct: Here you market the advertiser’s products through a bilateral contract, Provided that an affiliate system exists in its location. Or create a special marketing contract. From your head to his head without an intermediary between you
  • Indirect: Here, marketing is through CPA brokerage firms that are a third party in the process. Often advertisers (large companies) use this method to avoid creating a special section for them to follow the affiliate marketers. We will mention the most famous of these companies

The importance of affiliate marketing

For the publisher? If you are an entrepreneur seeking to create an online store, for example:

You can hire an affiliate marketer, First, you get a large passive income. Although the percentage that affiliate marketers get may seem like a big publisher to you, it is in fact normal given the following. You as an advertiser:

  • You will benefit from increasing your sales, That is, increase your profit without making any effort.
  • You will pay the marketer to pay the customer to complete the sale, That is, you will not pay it based on sending customers to your site.
  • You will not be exposed to any risk except that you have to choose a professional marketer in order not to lead customers to the sales page and then withdraw!
  • Know, That the marketer will do most of the work, Starting with finding customers and convincing them to buy and then sending them to the landing pages (the pre-sale process) all the way to completing the sale.
  • Also know, Finding customers for your products is the most difficult challenge you will face in your business. And when the marketer brings it to you, you may acquire a permanent customer and you will not have to pay a commission for his future purchases to the marketer.

For Marketer? As an affiliate marketer, you will benefit from some of the most important features:

  • You take no risk. Reverse advertiser.
  • Affiliate is the most “guarantee” way to profit from the Internet.
  • You don’t need a lot of capital to get started and sometimes you may not need it to begin with. Just make sure to take a free or paid affiliate marketing course before you start.
  • You’ll make a moderate effort with a big profit potential.
  • You will work from home and will only need “a computer and the Internet,” and will not commit to a certain time for work. And you will turn into an entrepreneur, of course, after you succeed as a marketer.

The best affiliate networks

ShareASale 300x250 B Light

  • Online education: Coursera The best affiliate marketing sites for beginners and has more than one free affiliate marketing course as well, Plus pads Udemy | SkillShare

The best Arab networks for affiliate marketing

Arab clicks Best Affiliate Marketing Sites For Beginners And Platform Arabic Ads Specialized in smart marketing:

  • Arab clicks Course Affiliate Marketing allows you free of charge and includes all Arab sites such as: Affiliate Program, Noon Affiliate Program, Registration in Affiliate Marketing, Souq Com, Affiliate Shein, Jumia Affiliate, Amazon Affiliate.
  • ArabyAds It provides a customer service system for marketers to support them and uses the latest assistive technology to facilitate the experience of marketers and advertisers together using artificial intelligence and advanced technology.

What do I do to start affiliate marketing?

Choose a service, a product, An offer that you deem appropriate to your specialty and your convictions, then make sure to:

  • Read our advertisers’ terms of use before starting because not all sites and networks are. You will accept their products to be marketed by anyone! Some of them require the marketer to have certain conditions, such as being a specialist in their field.
  • Contact directly if you do not find an affiliate system available on the site you want to market to, Communicate with and negotiate with its owner, He may activate it after you communicate with him.
  • Choose publishers that provide the best affiliate system that is safe, reliable, and provides the right online payment for you.
  • Learn about affiliate networks, and one of the steps that make it easy to search for a product directly is that it is classified within the network.
  • Find products in affiliate networks and large online stores.
  • Search by search engines: Like Google just type, Keyword + Affiliate Program Example: ClickBank laptop, and you will see a page for computer products, after which you can register, choose a product, and market it.

Provide quality marketing channels to achieve a high conversion rate

  • The most important point in explaining affiliate marketing, Carefully research your target audience by their interests and regions.
  • The most important of these marketing channels: Add your marketing links in it. Taking care to shorten it first by Bitly Let’s do a good job. Then place it in a smart way inside attractive displays.
  • Social Media: Put your marketing links inside publications such as marketing offers on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Where, for example, on Facebook, you can open a page and group and grow the number of its followers, or you can also promote it through paid advertising through Facbook Ads.
  • search engines: You can either create a blog and put your marketing links inside it. Provided that it is related to what you are writing about, And be interested in SEO optimization or do paid advertising campaigns on Google Adsense.
  • Advertising companies to sell visitors: Just specify what you want to pay for your marketing offers to appear, Or watch it, Or click on it.
  • Youtube: If you are a YouTube content creator, you can put affiliate links in the description of the video below.
  • Email lists have two methods:
    • Email Broadcast: A one-time message sent to the customer, With it you market a product with your marketing link included. For example, you can prepare a PDF file about electronic stores and the steps for creating them. Then you ask the client to give you his mail in return for obtaining the file, Thus, you benefited him and increased the likelihood that he would enter your marketing links in the file, Most importantly, I knew he was interested in the field. This is called Hot Traffic. This method is used especially in affiliate marketing when introducing and reviewing products. You can do this automatically through email marketing programs such as ConverKit or MailChimp
    • Email Sequences: The opposite of the first method and the idea is that you will prepare a series of messages to send regularly to your audience, And each includes a specific point about the product or greater encouragement if they do not respond to the previous messages, such as offering discounts and temporary attractive sales offers.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

The last element of affiliate marketing explanation and demands focus! The first tool is the most important, Your success depends on being well-designed, and they are:

Landing Pages

  • The page that the customer passes through before reaching the advertiser page.
  • Helps you improve SEO and facilitate access to your promotions.
  • So make it attractive and full of all product information and want and encourage the customer to complete the sale or place the order.
  • These are the best excellent hosting services tools for hosting affiliate websites or landing pages: LiquidWeb or LeadPages
  • There are alternative ways to create a landing page, and if you prefer alternative ways to create a landing page, then seek the help of specialists such as web developers through Fiverr by clicking on this image.


Tracking tools for tracking and analyzing the results of advertising campaigns

  • It will give you details about the visitors to your landing page.
  • It enables you to know which keywords or sites were sold through and which did not result, Upgrade your profitable targets to scale up and eliminate the losers.
  • Allows you to test a variety of products and landing pages with a single campaign Split Test or A / B Test
  • The most popular tool for tracking and analyzing the results of advertising campaigns, in my opinion, is Google Analytics, and it is free. There are also other analysis tools, but they are paid and may be expensive and I personally do not use them.

A tool for viewing advertiser pages that are not available in your country

  • Inspecting and checking the advertiser’s page before starting marketing to make sure that it works and that it is good before every marketing offer.
  • This tool enables you to obtain a country proxy to view a custom offer you are making if it is not available for your country to view.
  • There is more than one tool for viewing advertiser pages that are not available in your country Hsselite

A tool for viewing competitors’ campaigns

  • Learn more about your competitors: Gather information about their activities, their marketing methods and their marketing channels.
  • Through it, you will see some of the advertising campaigns data made by other marketers, such as landing pages used by others, The source of their visitors.
  • The most important tool for finding out about competitors’ campaigns Adplexity
  • The tool you choose depends on the type of your visitors.

Provide an electronic means of payment

Suitable for you through electronic payment gateways to be able to receive your commission from the advertiser, And recharge your credit if you want to do ad campaigns on social media or Google Adsense. Among the most famous electronic payment gateways to receive money:

  • EWallet: PayPal
  • Credits Card: Such as Visa Card or Master Card
  • Your personal bank account

How do I succeed in affiliate marketing?

  • Test and experiment and not just gather information, Try the same product with different landing pages to see what the best conversion rate is for any of them and adopt it in the major campaign.
  • Be patient, success can take many months in the beginning and read more about the details of explaining affiliate marketing through a free or paid affiliate marketing course on the Udemy platform.
  • If you are a blogger, you have a great chance to succeed in affiliate marketing through what we mentioned above in the point (provide good marketing channels) above.
  • Keep experimenting and looking for successful campaigns and don’t just have your hold, even if your current campaigns are successful!
  • There are offers that may not be suitable for some marketing channels, so try others. Sometimes in B2B, traditional face-to-face marketing is more meaningful than digital marketing.
  • Invest more money in your ad campaigns to achieve more profits after you rely on a campaign that has proven successful among the campaigns you have tried.
  • Be innovative and do not imitate others, Add your own touch and personal experience if possible. People often get bored of seeing the same pattern for so long and repeatedly and this misses the chance of achieving a higher CTR.

in conclusion We will suffice with this much explanation of affiliate marketing, Because affiliate marketing is a deep sea that must be gradually dived, So, after absorbing this information, you can expand on every part of the affiliate market, By reading our upcoming articles on explaining affiliate marketing and everything related to it, We also invite you to read an article explaining marketing terms because you will find in it many terms related to affiliate marketing that may seem vague. I wish you all the best.

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