Instagram is a platform full of features to explore and utilize, enhancing the ways you can share and engage with your audience. One such function, the “Highlights,” gives users the flexibility to keep their favorite Instagram Stories visible for more than the standard 24 hours. However, a recurring problem has surfaced where Instagram appears to be deleting users’ Highlights without warning, leaving many frustrated and confused.

Why are Instagram Highlights Disappearing?

There’s been a surge in reports of Instagram Highlights being unexpectedly deleted or disappearing entirely from users’ profiles. Moreover, some users have even encountered an error message stating “This Story is not available.”

Several users claim that their highlights vanish each time they try to add new ones, despite repeated attempts. Others have noticed that adding archived Stories to their Highlights inadvertently results in the deletion of existing ones. What’s more, it seems that if the problem Stories are removed, the previously deleted ones reappear automatically.

Interestingly, some users have noted that these issues mainly occur when they include music, particularly song lyrics, in their highlights. This problem has persisted for some time, and users are eagerly awaiting a resolution from Instagram.


What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories is a unique feature that allows users to share a photo or video slideshow that lasts for 24 hours. After that, these Stories vanish from the user’s profile and their followers’ feeds. Users can embellish their Stories with a variety of stickers, text, and filters to enhance engagement and interactivity.

Are There Restrictions on Using Copyrighted Music in Instagram Stories and Highlights?

Yes, using copyrighted music in Instagram Stories and Highlights can potentially lead to copyright infringement issues. Instagram has established agreements with major music labels, allowing users to add licensed music to their Stories. However, these licenses might not encompass all songs or regions.

To prevent copyright-related issues, make sure to use music provided in Instagram’s music library or source royalty-free music from other platforms.

Waiting for a Solution

We’re keeping a close eye on this situation and will update this article as soon as more information becomes available or a solution is provided. In the meantime, it may be prudent to limit the use of music in your Instagram Highlights, especially if you’ve noticed the problem happening on your account.

Remember, Instagram is a powerful platform for sharing and connecting, so don’t let this temporary setback deter you from creating and sharing engaging content. Be patient, and hopefully, Instagram will resolve this issue soon.